Aries, Virgo, Leo: Your most ATTRACTIVE feature based on your zodiac sign 

What is your most attractive physical quality? Read on to find out what people notice first about you based on your zodiac sign. 
Aries, Virgo, Leo: Your most ATTRACTIVE feature based on your zodiac sign 
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Every person has one feature that immediately draws eyes to them. Most people know what this feature is and how to enhance it - be it the eyes, the lips, hair, etc. Knowing that this one feature is what makes you stand out, can immediately make one more confident, boost ego and also help in getting rid of insecurities. 
Just like the stars can tell human behaviour, they can also reveal the one feature that helps a person define who they are. If a person's best feature is their back for example, they can wear more tank tops. If it is their stomach, more crop tops will enhance and show it off... Read on to know yours!


Without a doubt, your most stunning feature is your eyebrows, Aries. They are sharp and excuse both fierceness and portray a sense of innocence. 


One of the most sensitive parts of your body and the most prominent, are your lips. If there was a title for best lips you would hold it for you know exactly how to enhance them as well!


Your cheeks no matter how chubby or not, are certainly your best feature and a mood lifter. When you smile, the glow on your cheeks is all one needs to get through the day! 


Your intuition and feelings, comes from your gut, which only makes sense that your stomach is your most attractive physical feature of all! 


Let your hair down, is the phrase that was coined for you, Leo. When you walk into a room, the thing that commands attention is your strong, silky and shining mane. 


You work hard to keep your skin clean and clear, which only makes sense for it to be your best feature. Almost everybody is envious of your clean, clear and smooth skin that speaks eons about your clean and basic lifestyle. 


Your best feature? Your hands. You have long, well-toned arms and hands that are known to make people green with envy. A simple manicure on your hands ensures you look like a hand model! 


Your neck is your best feature. Long, slender and extremely sensitive, your neck not only has an attractive appeal to it but also looks dangerously attractive to others. 


Your best body feature is your back. It is well-toned and you can best accentuate it by sporting a tank top or anything backless. Seductive and sexy are some words that come to mind when people talk about your back. 


Your best feature is your legs. Long, slender and attention-grabbing, the best way to enhance them is to wear denim shorts or high heels! Your million dollar legs just make every outfit look great!


Your feet are undeniably your best feature. Whether you get a pedicure or not, they are always clean and well-maintained. They don't show all the miles you have walked and you have them prepared for walking a hundred more. 


Your eyes, Pisces, one look at your eyes and people are sold. They have a tenderness and lots of softness in them. You might put on a tough exterior, but your eyes seem to give it all away. 

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yup im a taurus... nd this fact i know it very well