Aries, Virgo, Libra: Zodiac signs and how they behave when they are drunk

Listed below are the list of zodiac signs and how they behave when they are drunk. Interesting scoop for sure
Aries, Virgo, Libra: Zodiac signs and how they behave when they are drunk
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While every person has various individual traits they are often put together and binded by their zodiac signs. Some are aggressive, some passive, some love to lead, while others love to stack themselves in groups - zodiac signs and their traits are a funny business.


No matter how much one denies, each one of us always puts on a mask in our day to day lives. So when is it that you show your real side? When is that one time when you let loose? Well, the answer to everything and every problem is alcohol. Of course we know that we tend to behave differently when we are high or drunk and today’s listicle deals with just that.


Listed below are the list of zodiac signs and how they behave when they are drunk. Interesting scoop for sure.





Aries like to keep everything in control and this tends to escalate a lot more especially when they are drunk. They tend to get irritated or end up throwing their tantrums if things dont go their way.





Taurus are always heavy and high on spirits. The ones who can be on the dance floor all through the night - you are all about being positive. You tend to pull your friends out of a bad mood and this is a big gift.





Geminis love to live a happy social life. They tend to be the life of the party but sometimes it gets a little too much as they are never done. Geminis love to take over the dance floor and even when their friends have left, they refuse to leave which can get a bit problematic.





The emotional ones. While it’s okay to vent it out in normal circumstances, it gets problematic when they mix their emotions with alcohol. Happy, sad or mad, once there is alcohol in their system, expect a puddle of tears from the Cancerians.





The passionate ones on this list. Leos are born flirts - they can flirt with almost anyone. Be it the bartender, a random stranger or their friends - expect the leos to be all over them, hopefully for something to materialise.





Virgos are poised and the composed ones. They can take in all the alcohol but you might not even be able to tell that they’re drunk. Virgos are great at flirting when they are drunk but don’t expect them to be out there and be to showy. A flirty wink or a hair flip at the right moment is what you can expect from the Virgos.





Libras enjoy their alcohol. Expect them to be at the bar with their closest friends. They’re not in your face flirts - but that does not mean that they will not make a move. Alcohol just helps them better their act further.





A night out with a Scorpion can be quite unpredictable - a rollercoaster ride so to say. You never really know what is in store for you when you step out with a Scorpios. They’ll treat you the way they really feel about you from within.





Easily the best of drunk on this list. Sagittarians are known for their fun humour. They are the ones who’ll tickle your funny bone and entertain you to the fullest. With them you can expect to have the time of your life and you’ll definitely not regret them being drunk.





The ones who always keep themselves under check when they are sober - but this clearly is thrown out of the window once they are drunk. Things get to Capricorns easily and they get really emotional letting their inner feelings flow.





The shy ones when they’re kept away from the alcohol - but give them some and you’ll see their charming side which’ll leave you impressed. Alcohol just takes you on a happy high - one that’ll help you make a lot of friends or probably get you a date.





The happy go lucky ones, they tend to get all the more sweet to everyone around them when they are drunk. You can see them complimenting random people in the club for their shoes and hair.


It’s great to sometimes just loosen out and enjoy the happy high! Do these traits match with your zodiac signs? Comment below and let us know.

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