Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius: The best suited dance style for each zodiac sign

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Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius: The best suited dance style for each zodiac sign

Dance is something that does not come easily to everybody. Either people are good at it or they aren’t. But apart from being well at it, everybody can dance their heart out when they are happy to express joy. 

Be it salsa, jazz, contemporary or Bollywood, there are specific dance styles that suit every personality. So have a look at the list below to find out which dance style suits your zodiac sign.


Confident and self-assured, the perfect dance style for Aries-born people is Salsa. It requires ease and self-confidence to perform and move your body sensuously.


Rumba is the dance style that suits Taurus. Taureans have a good sense of rhythm and can stylishly groove to the music.


Geminis are fearless and bold and do not care about looking silly or being a laughing stock. Bollywood is the best dance style for the uninhibited Gemini.


Cancerians are soft and sensitive. An expressive and graceful dance style like Contemporary is best suited for them.


Leos are fierce and strong, so a dance style like Tango is ideal for them as it requires strong and crisp movements.


Virgos are a combination of grace and perfection. Waltz is the dance style that will suit them as it is a dance of elegance and romance.


Librans like to keep it old-school yet stylish. The most suited dance form for them is Jazz as it involves aesthetics and poise.


Bachata is a sensual dance form that requires good body control and involves complex movements. Scorpions are determined and hardworking and can easily grasp the technicalities of such a dance.


The ideal dance style for Sagittarians is Ballet. Ballet has tight yet flowy movements that perfectly suit the personality of a Sagittarian.


Pasa Doble is best suited for Capricorns as in this dance form, the person needs to have good control over their body and it requires sharp and crisp movements.


Aquarians are extroverted and bold, the perfect dance style for them is Hip-hop as it requires being out there and letting go of all inhibitions.


Passionate and artistic, Pisces-born people’s most suited dance form is Tango which requires a certain emotion and is an extremely passionate dance form.

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