Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius: The PERFECT pasta for every zodiac sign

Confused as to which pasta to eat for dinner? Worry not we are here to help you out with a list of the best-suited pasta for every zodiac sign!
Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius: The PERFECT pasta for every zodiac sign
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From spaghetti to penne, when it comes to pasta, everybody has their preference. It is the kind of thing that everybody loves and is their ultimate comfort food. Pasta, be it with red or white sauce, is a kind of food that can cheer you up on a dull day or make your happy days even better!


A wholesome and soul-satisfying bowl of pasta is the go-to dish for any special occasion. When it comes to zodiac signs, there is a certain pasta for every sign. So we have for you the best-suited pasta for you according to your zodiac sign.


Tortellini is the ideal pasta for Aries-born people as it is trendy and unconventional just like Aries people and is an adventurous kind of pasta.


Taureans are traditional and old-school people who prefer sticking to classics instead of new and modern things. Linguine pasta is best suited for them as it too is one of the most traditional kinds of pasta and is best paired with a classic sauce like marinara.


Ziti is an easy-to-make pasta that takes hardly a few minutes to prepare. This is best suited for Geminis as they can cook a hearty pasta dish for their guests in a jiffy and have ample amount of time to socialise and interact with them, which comes naturally to Geminis.


Gnocchis are compact and are best paired with home-cooked sauces with oodles of flavour. Cancerians too are homely and down to earth in their approach and always like comfort and relaxation.


When it comes to Leos, who love to be the centre of attention, Lasagne is the ideal pasta for them as it too is the star of the plate and immediately attracts everybody’s attention.


For perfectionist and detail-oriented Virgos, Ravioli is the best-suited pasta as it requires a lot of time and effort along with utmost skill and patience.


Librans are easy-going people who can strike a conversation with anybody. Just like them, Fettuccine too is easy to pair with and works well with every kind of sauce.


Lasagne is the perfect pasta for Scorpios as it has many layers to it just like the personality of Scorpio and is well-balanced and intricate just like Scorpio-born people.


Spaghetti is the ideal pasta for Sagittarians as it is messy, twisted and comforting, just like Sagittarians who comfort other people but also have a messy and complicated side to their personality.


Tortellini is precise, compact and full of surprises. Capricorns too are precise and detail-oriented in their approach and have a hidden fun and adventurous side to them.


Aquarians are unconventional and non-conformists who like to do things in their own way. Orecchiette pasta too has a weird and distinct shape to it that makes it stand out from the rest of the kinds of pasta.


Gigli pasta has an artistic and unique shape and can be easily paired with a wide range of sauces. Pisces-born people too are artistic and creative beings who are social and outgoing and can converse with anybody and everybody.

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