Arthritis in Dogs: Here’s how to help your canine cope with it

Arthritis is a common condition among dogs. It causes a lot of pain, and no pet parent wants their cuddle buddy to suffer! Read on to know how you can help your pooch cope with arthritis and its symptoms.
Arthritis in Dogs: Here’s how to help your canine cope with it
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Arthritis in dogs can cause pain in the joints and affect dogs as they age. The most common type of arthritis that affects dogs is osteoarthritis, which usually affects seniors and large breeds. It is the inflammation of the joints caused by the deterioration of cartilage. Common symptoms of arthritis include limping, difficulty in moving, spinal issues, irritability, and tiredness. Some of the most common breeds that get affected by the problem include Labradors, Retrievers, German Shephard and Rottweilers. 

Watching your furry friend suffering will definitely make you upset, and you might look for ways to curb the disease or decrease the pain. Well, there is no cure for the disease, but there are ways that can help to improve its symptoms. As a pet parent, you must help your canine to cope with the painful condition. 

Here are some ways to help your pooch cope with arthritis. 

1- Arthritis is a common condition that affects overweight dogs. Helping them lose weight might decrease the pain and improve their symptoms. 

2- Make them do gentle, controlled and low impact exercises that will keep them moving. It will help relieve the pain. 

3- You can also invest in ramps to help your dog climb up the stairs, on the bed, stairs, or cars.  

4- Regular massage will also help your pooch feel better. It will improve circulation, help them relax, lower blood pressure and reduce stress. You can gently massage your dog’s joints, or seek professional help. 

5- Invest in an orthopaedic dog bed that will support your quadruped’s joints and bones and help them relax. 

6- Heating pads are another option that can help provide some relief. It will promote muscle relaxation, stimulate acupuncture points, and heal injuries. 

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