Astro Numerology Predictions for 2022: An expert reveals why new year is the right time to be Dabangg

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Astro Numerology Predictions for 2022: An expert reveals why new year is the right time to be Dabangg

2022 is the beginning of the best, which will see us sail from progress to expansion and prosperity! It is the much-awaited medicine to a life-eroding pandemic! But we are not saying that the pandemic is going away anytime soon! It will be omnipresent, but the numbers seem to have found a better way to deal with it! Well, nothing is permanent but change. All the difference between success and failure is luck, and luck is what shall keep us going. So, what’s in store for you this year? Read on to find out Astro-Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani's predictions.

Predictions for Numbers 1-9

In order to take a sneak peek at your forecast, compute the ruling number by adding all the numbers of your birth date till you get a single digit number. This will be your unique numerology number.

numerology predictions 2022

Number 1:

Like the Alpha-Wolf in a pack, not only are you dependable, you are also fiercely independent. Leadership comes as a boon to you, and that is no surprise. Like the Sun (your governor), you are the giver and the driving force of all.

In alignment with 2022 (6), your generosity shall take a great stride. You’ll contribute largely to the society and also your organization with your valuable expertise.

This year shall do you good if you tone down your dominance towards subordinates and family. Your confidence defines you in most situations, even when you’re not up to the mark. But remember, confidence is a fine virtue; overconfidence is not.

This period shall transpire into good times for you. Professionally, you’ll see newer heights, and emotionally you’ll be calmer than usual. Isn’t that a win- win? 2023 = 7, which is very compatible with 1; and you know how time flies.

Number 2-

This year would be a mixed bag. However, nothing lasts forever; neither good times, nor tough. Don't worry, remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

The year also could bring with itself a sense of melancholy, and put you in your dream world. However, stay guarded and ensure that you're connected to reality. Keep in mind that while the illusion may seem beautiful, the rewards that await you belong to the real world, and you have to work your way to earn them.

In short, this is the perfect time to analyse your dreams and give your best to realize them, so strive to do everything that’s required of you.

To your advantage, you could mentally be tranquil with things, and work shall move steadily, causing no hinderance whatsoever. On the personal front, you may find resonance and peace with your partner (if any), or even find yourself a partner for that matter (if none).

Those in the show-biz or Entertainment field can have a field year; fashion industry, decorations, interiors or work connected to youth, beauty etc. can climb further. Moon (2) and Venus (6), when hand-in-hand spark some sort of a magic!

This is the year to sow seeds for a better 2023 which shall in all probability be a time for harvest!

numerology predictions coming up

Number 3-

This year could be one of your best in recent times, as 2022 (6) is underway… If you aren’t yet aware, this period is more favourable, as 3, 6 and 9 are a family of numbers.

There is no better time to make an important decision, be it with work or your personal relationships; a change of job or a pleasant leap in your career trajectory could be on the horizon. This year will make you a little emotional than your otherwise disciplined side.

Take a break and get together with your loved ones at least once every couple of months, not only those who live close to you, but also the dear ones who live far away.

Financially, a more secure chapter appears to be turning in. Additionally, you are a good wealth manager by default, so there is more likelihood of that happening.

However, watch out for people jeopardizing your plans and actions; if someone tries to pull you down, it only means you are above them- that’s your final consolation.

Number 4-

Your inventiveness and eccentricity will be governed by 2022, which is characterized by creativity. Indeed, your ideas and actions shall be really instrumental to you this year, provided you don’t get influenced by other’s opinions.

Finances could march upwards, and you’ll end up earning more this year; that’s if you focus on 2 things-

Stay away from any kind of greed, and don’t clutter your house with unnecessary things; keep only those things at home that you totally require.

Irrespective of whether you work hard, at your workplace, there may be some who would misconstrue your intentions. But you’re not the one to easily fret. Your fearless demeanour helps you overcome the worst of blows. Your rebellious nature will help you cope with the impositions of others.

Those who are looking for a new job must be patient. As compared to the last year, this one would be more fruitful, but 2023 would be even better, as it adds to one of your lucky numbers.

In matters of health, in order to fulfil you larger-than-life ambitions you’ll have to get rid of over-working yourself and stressing.

I’ll give you number 4’s another tip that I also give my #4 son- to conserve your energy so as to spend it only where required.

Number 5-

You may have experienced a breeze of success last year, and the spell seems likely to be running along this year too. 2022 (Venus) is your key to even better days.

This year shall bring along more than expected. Your seeds of labour sown in 2021 will reap you fruits, and give you nectar and more opportunities to better yourself in 2022.

It can a be very satisfying year on the work front, and even then you’ll manage to make more time for family owing to pressures. Well, that’s your share of bonus.

You could be in quite an impulsive hurry, brimming with emotions, dear enthusiast. But you already know that haste most often makes waste. In any case, all others may not be as quick as you to match up with your pace, so expect less to avoid disappointment. The flip side is to keep a tab on loose living; watch your diet. Try to use your communicative skills, which is your USP.

Your love life can get more stable; those looking for a newer job or house should push with all might; you just might!

numerology predictions coming year

Number 6-

As your fate number is same as the number of the year, {2013=6} you would have a good year.

A good year for most of you, you could make the best out of it by shaping your career; it could also be a good time for those interested in a shift of residence. Venus, the planet of love, and so your love life could see new highs. Socially, it could be a demanding year, but don’t you just love that!

You stand to gain not only monetarily this month, but also emotionally you’ll be driven. Your passion will see no bounds during this Venus-struck year.

Loving and gentle that you already are, the influence of this period will help you win more laurels in matters of the heart.

Work wise, success is just a step away. Lead your way through your lucky year, and you’ll find your much desired peace with oneself. Chances are, you’ll hear a Good Newwz soon; you can see yourself get that promotion or contract that you have been longing for, or even a spouse or child for that matter!

However, avoid making decisions when you are either very happy or very sad, as emotions can drive you crazy!

Those in the industries related to travel, hospitality, entertainment and the show-biz, viz. Films, Music, Media, Interior and Dress designing, Restaurants, Hotels, Tour-operators, etc. shall do exceptionally well, and achieve all the benchmarks.

The downslide is overindulgence in the good things of life. Learn from the King of good times! All in all, you shall be at your flamboyant best, lapping up all attention that comes your way.

Number 7-

An emotionally volatile year is on the cards, but not the worst of the lot. You have probably seen greater times preceding these. However, you’ll strike a chord with nature, along with a spiritual frame of mind.

Materialistic things could be at an arm’s distance from you, and there could possibly be a minor leakage in the pockets too, so stitch any loose ends, and make the most of this retreat without stressing too much. For the time being, count yourself blessed, and appreciate the beauty of nothingness and the environment; there is nothing more calming than that, especially during times like these.

Traveling for work or pleasure would be a high point this year; but you may open your purse strings a little more than desired. Impulsive shopping can upset the budget.

Spiritually, a satisfying year, and yoga, meditation and alternate therapies could give you immense gratification. The best that can be made of lost opportunities is a lesson or a moral. Every situation can be a new learning experience.

Those in consultancy, or any kind of ‘service’ related work could get attention to later see unprecedented profits accrue in 2023 {7}.

happy new year

Number 8-

You have probably witnessed an overall satisfying 2021; and to your advantage, the coming year is your go-to year!

1, 3, 5 and 6 are the luckiest numbers for 8’s, and 2021 (5) may have already rubbed off its luck on you. Now it’s time for 2022, which is governed by #6 to cast its spell. No prizes for guessing, you’re set to shine hereon. However, try not to trust anyone blindly; be wary of people taking you for granted this year, as you are on a comparatively more vulnerable planetary influence now.

Your resistance to people who misconstrue your intentions will ensure you hit the ball out of the park! You may thus experience something great coming along at work; so leave no stone unturned this year, as the next year may not be as rewarding as this; hope I’m wrong…

Invest sensibly, and think before acting, This year could see you make great progress, both financially as well as personally.

Although a year for you to surge ahead, be careful in your investments, and do not put all your eggs in one basket; avoid speculations. Those on the look-out of buying land or property could take a chance, and some of you may end up with your ‘dream home’ too!

Post February, you should see a positive development as regards to your profession. Make every moment and minute count. A lot of you on the lookout for marriage can well be rewarded too.

Number 9-

Everything comes in time to those who can wait, and your time has already kicked off this year! Your enduring patience so far shall now bear fruit.

Piercing through 2022, you are slated to do well; so make the most of the opportunities that are leveraged to you, by the virtue of the family of numbers, 3-6-9.

Financially, you’re likely to gain thoroughly this year. You’ll see newer heights at work, and will also find mental solace, provided you remain patient and calm with colleagues and loved ones. Resist temptations to argue in heated situations, if any break loose.

Workouts shall add to your mental well-being. However, during May and June, be on the vigil for any accidents.

Right time to mend relationships; forgive and forget, as life is too short to keep grudges; your love life could take a front-seat.

For many who are sitting in the waiting list, a good year for marriage, business or job opportunities etc.

Right time to be Dabangg!

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