Astro talk: 3 Zodiac signs that are humble

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Most humble zodiac signs
3 Zodiac signs that are humble

If we ask you, why do you love Shah Rukh Khan, some will say because he is the king of romance, while others will talk about his looks. However, one thing which nobody will disagree on is his humbleness and down-to-earth attitude. Be it the media, or his fans, the man is always at his best behaviour when out in the public. And this might be one of the reasons behind his crazy fan following.

However, not all celebs are as humble as we think they are. Humbleness is an expensive, or to be precise, a valuable quality, and doesn’t come for free. There is a lot one has to sacrifice to earn it, ego, unnecessary pride, and the ability to look down at other people.

SRK’s humbleness is not only because of his approach towards life, and a mirror of his rags to riches story, but it also has a lot to do with his zodiac sign, Scorpio.


Here are 3 most humble zodiac signs, according to astrology.


They often succeed because of the amount of hard work they put in whatever they do. They are big dreamers, and know the struggle behind reaching a particular stage. This keeps them grounded. No matter what position they are in, you can expect a Scorpio to be extremely humble, even if you two belong to the North and South of the social or economic status.



Leos often top our charts in most of the things. And rightly so, they are the kings of their own kingdoms. They can appear to be proud characters, but it depends on the person they are with. They hate being dominated, and if they sense the other person is trying to dominate, they will be quick enough to turn the tables. Otherwise, they are humble and kind-hearted. All they believe in spreading is love, and not rumours, unlike others.



If you are a Gemini, you would know how humble people of this sign can be. They believe in simplicity, and like to keep things low-key. They often have positive vibes, and make others feel comfortable around them.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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Anonymous : Y'all wrong.Try pisces ,cancer and earth signs
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Anonymous : Scorpio so true
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Anonymous : try pisces, virgo and cancer. Weird , incorrect list once again
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Anonymous : Please don’t assume Virgo and Pisces are humble both shouldn’t exist and I am a Sagittarius telling that Pinkvilla is scalping luck because of Covid which everyone covered up for their crimes later
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