Astro talk: 3 Zodiac signs that are overthinkers

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Zodiac signs that are overthinkers
3 Zodiac signs that are overthinkers

What if the bridge breaks while I am walking on it? Are they ignoring me? What if I don’t get the promotion because I came late for the meeting? Do you get such thoughts often? If yes, it’s nothing, but a result of overthinking. And even if we know that, sometimes it becomes hard to control it anyway. While there can be a time when your overthinking skills may save you from something, there can also be a time when it can just put you in an unnecessary trouble.

You may end up losing a loved one because they might think you were being overly possessive, or were not giving them their much-needed space. However, sometimes, it can come as a validation for your love for them.

So, if you are wondering if you can be one of those who are habitual of overthinking, here are 3 zodiac signs that are over-thinkers, according to astrology.

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Who would know this better than Leo? Even the smallest of things can make a Leo dive deep into thoughts for hours. More so, if it’s related to a person they love, and admire the most. Their overthinking skills, often, helps them identify and understand even the slightest change in the behaviour of their close ones, while the other people might not appreciate this talent of theirs. If you are out with a Leo, prepare yourself for getting to hear things that you won’t even think of in your wildest dreams.

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A Gemini would, often, blame themselves if something is not going their way. Such is their overthinking skill. They would notice each and everything, and will constantly worry about things that may happen in future. In between all this, they end up missing out on enjoying the precious moments of life.

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These, too, are overthinkers. They wonder why they can't stop their minds for a while, but it is often out of their control. They won’t usually overthink, but once they will, there’s no stopping. They will picture the worst of the scenarios, and will think of ways of overcoming it. It might be both a good and bad habit, but what is worse is the stress they put on their minds while imagining things.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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Anonymous : Virgos are the most overthinkers in this panet.. says a Virgo öover.
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Anonymous : Virgos are the most overthinkers in this panet.. says a Virgo öover.
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Anonymous : Good Indian mind is UNIQUE MIND OTHER SIGNS genetics also play a role jnkver thinking
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Anonymous : Pinkvilla: Gemini are overthinkers and they miss out many enjoyable moments in life. MEANWHILE me: Ahhhhhhhhh......that'swhy I don't remember my birthday party
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