Astrologers predict when COVID 19 pandemic will end in India and across the globe

We don't know about the scientists but our astrologers have predicted the timeline of when we will get some relief from this global pandemic which has managed to wreak havoc across the globe.
Astrologers predict when COVID 19 pandemic will end in India and across the globe Astrologers predict when COVID 19 pandemic will end in India and across the globe
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As the confirmed coronavirus cases in India rises above 500, the fear and panic have increased too. People have started staying home quarantined in order to prevent contracting coronavirus. Our country started by screening people at all the airports and now has gone into a complete lockdown in an attempt to contain this contagious virus and has implemented section 144 in all the states that have been affected. In numerous states, public transportation has been shut down and even the railway services, flights and airports have been shut down. The novel coronavirus pandemic started from Wuhan, China and went on to spread across the world and infected 170 countries. This strain of coronavirus has no cure and is contagious and has managed to find it's way to India.

COVID-19 seems to have a high mortality rate but has managed to claim numerous life across the globe and researches have said that people above the age of 60 are more vulnerable to this virus due to their weakened immune system.

Coronavirus pandemic has managed to claim 9 lives in India and numerous others across the globe and the best scientists around the world are working hard to find a cure that can provide people with some relief but in the midst of all this chaos and fear, there are numerous astrologers who have started predicting when this pandemic will come to end. Now, we've come across books and movies that have predicted the outbreak of this pandemic but we haven't come across anyone who has predicted the end of this painful cycle until now. And we all need some hope to keep things going while we struggle to contain this contagious disease.

A renowned astrologer Acharya Vinod Kumar has predicted the end of this chaotic pandemic. According to his prediction, this virus will begin to fade away during the summer season due to the heat as it won't be able to survive in the hot weather. Starting from the summertime, we will be able to get some control over this virus and while it may have spread a lot till then, it is believed that around September and November coronavirus will come under proper control.

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He also claims that this cause of this outbreak is our collective karmic cycle and it's important that we turn to a simple satvik lifestyle to make our lives better. He believes that we need to stop eating non-veg and stick to eating simple vegetarian home-cooked food and improve our diet. 

Another UAE-based renowned astrologer, Acharya Sandeep Bhargava predicted that the coronavirus pandemic will come to an end in May and things will take a positive turn and he's not the only one. A Dubai based astrologer, Upendra Shastri has claimed that things will get better in May with regards to coronavirus. If that wasn't enough the popular Indian astrology website GaneshaSpeaks has claimed that there will be a certain amount of relief starting from 30 March but things will come properly under control only during the month of September. From all the predictions it seems that summertime will bring some relief and positivity and help us fight this pandemic even though the scientists have different opinions.

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Only mother nature will decide when this will all end? Only when order and balance is restored to the human-physical nature environment can we safely say that this pandemic will end. Till then, Many will pass on, many will be disabled, many will become destitute. Stay safe, stay indoors, practice good hygeine
take care of each other.

Wonder why they couldn't predict such a major worldwide event but now can guess when it'll end...

Astrology & science both are related. Pattern are different. Believe is the factor. Man intake medicine inspite of that died.

They could not predict that it will come. If they had, they could have saved thousands of lives and literally the world economy. All predictions now are bogus .

Absolutely true.all of these people step in after the event has taken shape.

everyone knows that this virus is not able to survive in high temp.....nothing new

It's not true because temperature of Korea and Saudi Arabia are also high

Rely on science - not astrology!

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