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Astrology 2020: THESE are your harmful emotional habits as per your zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has a particular trait that makes them different from others, similarly they also have one harmful emotional habits that can hamper their relationship. Read below to find out what they are.
Astrology 2020: THESE are your harmful emotional habits as per your zodiac signAstrology 2020: THESE are your harmful emotional habits as per your zodiac sign
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One key aspect of every relationship is emotions, especially romantic ones. There are some people who have the great ability to express what they feel while there are others who lack the basic idea of emotional expression. Some people forget their boundaries in a relationship and lack emotional intelligence. People need to realise that how portray your emotions play a key role in any relationship. 


While it is always difficult to overcome harmful emotional habits, therefore, zodiac signs play a crucial role in pointing out the toxic emotional behaviour that one can possess in a relationship. Here are the most harmful emotional habits in a relationship, as per your zodiac sign.




Aries are impulsive, and hence that also reflects in their romantic relationship. They have a strong personality, but when it comes to dealing with problems and finding solutions in a relationship, they try and avoid it at all times. They must get rid of this habit and discuss the problems with their partner. 




Taureans are one of the most balanced zodiac signs, but they have trust issues not with others but with themselves. They lack the confidence to carry forward a relationship, hence it is essential to get rid of this negativity and give people some benefit of the doubt. 




Geminis are carefree, engaging and cheerful, while on the other side they are troubled and restless. They overthink a lot, and hence they lose out on things. It is now time to rise out of your past and think of a better future.




Cancerians can feel deeply and sincerely. They are empathetic and sensitive, but also have a negative streak of insecurity. They constantly compare themselves to other people around them, which makes them feel less important. They need to love themselves and stop relying on people's validation. 




Leo loves the attention, and when it comes to giving some attention they get a bit lazy. When problems arise, instead of solving them, they overthink about them and never proceed to do anything. It makes them brood in self-pity and dejection.




Virgos are too practical in life. They take life too seriously and never feel good enough about themselves. They are self-critical and hence that acts against them. They need to stop undervaluing themselves since that increases the tension in their relationship.




Librans are indecisive, and hence their partners make all the decisions for them. They need to realise that a healthy relationship thrives on a balanced decision-making capability, but with their personality, there ought to be conflicts.




Many believe that they are carefree, they tend to feel a lot of emotions but are unable to express it. It leads to a passive-aggressive nature. Instead of talking about it or expressing discontent, they become moody, confusing their partner. So, it's better to communicate and sort things. 




Capris are a perfectionist, and they dislike if their partner is not the same. They want discipline and control all around them. And when they don't find that in one person, they move on to another one and that makes them a cold-hearted person. 




Sagis are again known for their strong character. But when it comes to relationships, they don't portray their strong characters, which then act against them. Hence, they need to form a strong opinion when it comes to relationships. 




Aquarians are intellectual and love their independence a lot. They enjoy being alone, which sometimes generates negative energy. When they are upset or angry about something, they isolate themselves. And that acts as a hindrance in their relationship. So it's a better choice to solve your problems with your partner, rather than alienating yourself from them.




Pisces are friendly and love to help others. They give attention to everyone but themselves. They need to start giving attention to themselves or else they will always feel incomplete and incapable of receiving love from others.

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