Best films to watch about one sided love

Updated on Sep 21, 2021 03:46 AM IST  |  78.7K
Best films to watch about one sided love
Best films to watch about one sided love

Are you a little too familiar with the idea of drooling over someone while they barely are aware of your existence? Do you wish that you were courageous enough to express your feelings to someone? Then chances are that you are in a one-sided love affair with someone. Being in love with the person who doesn’t love you back, can be pretty hard.


We have made for you a list of films that you should watch and will relate to if you love someone who doesn’t love you back. Have a look at the films below.




My Best Friend’s Wedding


When Michael is getting married, Julianne realizes the feelings for him and becomes where is the fact that in fact, he is much more than a best friend to her. What follows is an attempt by Julianne to make Michael fall in love with her and leave his fiancée for her.


500 Days Of Summer


This film is based on the lives of Summer and Tom. While Tom is really head over heels in love with Summer, she doesn’t really believe in the concept of love. Tom ends up being heartbroken while Summer moves on. Check out the trailer of the film below.


Kal Ho Naa Ho


Naina is in love with Aman while Rohit is in love with Naina. Rohit is pretty much aware of Naina‘s feelings for Aman but still cannot help but be in love with her. This film is a love triangle between Aman, Rohit, and Naina and is a lesson on love and friendship.


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