Top 20 affordable monthly subscription boxes of 2022

Here are the best subscription boxes for women, men, kids, and more. From makeup to groceries, they cater to all your needs from the comfort of your home.

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Best affordable monthly subscription boxes for women, men, pets & more
Best affordable monthly subscription boxes for women, men, pets & more
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The Internet has proven to be a boon for everyone, fortunately, now you don't have to go to a mall or a store to stock up on essentials, clothes, and grocery items. You can get all of these from the comfort of your home with one click of the mouse, and no we are not talking about online shopping but subscription boxes. 

People love to subscribe to these boxes because of one major reason - convenience. They have become quite trendy today and there are more than a thousand subscription boxes for both men and women to shop. 

Our top picks of the best monthly subscription boxes

1. Allure – Buy Now

2. Rael Period Care – Buy Now

3. Bubbles & Books – Buy Now

4. TheraBox – Buy Now

5. JerkySnob – Buy Now

6. We Craft Box – Buy Now

7. Beauty by Francesca – Buy Now

8. Romance Reveal Book Box – Buy Now

9. BarkBox – Buy Now

10. KitNipBox – Buy Now

In this article 

1. What are subscription boxes?

2. Best subscription boxes for everyone

3. Types of subscription boxes

What are subscription boxes?

A subscription box is a concept whereby customers take a subscription for products like coffee beans, meat, milk, makeup, and more. In the concept, multiple products are shipped to customers regularly. 

When the customers subscribe to a box, they need to pay recurring basis to get deliveries. Most of the products are sold on a month-to-month basis, this way it benefits both the customers and companies as customers get their favorite products and companies earn revenue every month.  

There are also themed-base boxes, and people love to gift them to their friends and family. 

Best subscription boxes for everyone

1. Allure 

Allure is a brand known for sending top-quality beauty subscription boxes with a subscription price of $23 per month. 

What's inside the box: Allure's beauty subscription box offers editor-approved makeup and beauty products. Each Allure box comes with 6+ products, 3 of which are full-sized. It has trending products that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

To make it more interesting, Allure also provides a min-mag that features tips and exclusive offers for subscribers. It also serves as a great gift item for makeup & skincare lovers. An Allure subscription box is affordable, trendy, and the best way to level up your beauty game.


2. Bath Blessing

Bath Blessing Box is one of the best subscription boxes for women & men. If you love luxury bath products, then this is the box for you. 

Get this to get a spa experience from the comfort of your home. It contains top-notch quality luxury products that suit all skin types and are perfect for all ages. 

Their curated theme boxes include products that are made with natural ingredients, essential oils, and moisturizing ingredients. Each Bath Blessing box comes with a magazine that has product information along with a Self-care Checklist and Counts Your Blessings inspiration idea sheet. The initial price of the Bath Blessing Box is $35, and it renews at $45 every month.  

What's in the box: They usually have 5+ products that include body scrub, butter salt, shower product, luxury soap, bath bomb ball, bath-inspired goodies and accessories, and more. 

Why choose Bath Blessing? Bath Blessing includes products made with natural ingredients to give you a relaxing bath. Get it now to bid farewell to stress and be relaxed. 


3. Rael Period Care Subscription Box for Women

Rael Period Care is one of the best women's subscription boxes as it contains natural and unique solutions to provide you comfort during your period. 

This subscription box contains 100% organic cotton liners & tampons that are natural and effective. 

Women have always gone through lots of difficulties when it comes to selecting feminine care: many products are laden with chemicals that harm the body and skin. 

Rael offers organic, high-quality feminine products that you can trust. Delivered every month to your doorstep, it makes those days of the month a bit easier. The products are formulated to balance the changing needs of your skin from hormonal changes. All in all, this is one of the most innovative 

The initial price for the first box is $25 and it renews at $35. 

What's in the box: Rael Period Care subscription box comes with 3 full-size feminine care products, monthly essentials, and liners. 

You can customize your Rael box and choose either tampons or organic pads based on your preference and needs. You can change your subscription anytime you want through your account. 



COCOTIQUE is a popular beauty and self-care subscription box that includes products for women of color.  

COCOTIQUE was started by Dana Hill-Robinson because while growing up, she witnessed the struggles women of color go through to find skincare and haircare products that suit their skin tone and hair texture. Also, she was obsessed with self-care skincare treatment when she observed her mother's beauty rituals. 

COCOTIQUE was launched to help women of color get unique and premium quality self-care, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products. 

Pamper yourself with the COCOTIQUE beauty subscription box and enjoy your me-time.  

What's in the box: The box includes five to eight deluxe-travel size and full-size beauty and lifestyle products that are curated every month for women of color. 

You cannot customize the COCOTIQUE subscription box, just take the subscription and get surprised every month with new products. 


5. Facetory

As the name suggests, Facetory is an amazing subscription box for skincare. The brand believes that every face has a story, so they create clean and effective skincare products that suit all daily routines. Facetory is known for providing products that are natural as in they are paraben and sulfate-free. 

Each Facetory skincare subscription box contains products that have been handpicked by the team and carefully curated to provide users with the best experience. 

There is also an informative insert that contains all the directions, tips, pictures, details, and more. 

Subscribers do not have the option to customize the boxes but don't worry at all because they curate their boxes in a way that the products are good for most skin types. This is one of the best subscription boxes for mom - so gift it to her today and make her happy. 

This beauty subscription box is sent out four times a year, and the products keep changing according to the season - there is 1 Winter box, 1 Spring box, 1 Summer box, and 1 Fall box. 

What's in the box: Facetory contains 7 sheet masks and 4 full-sized skincare products. 


6. Bubbles & Books

Do you love reading books during a bath? Get new books and bath goodies every month and bid adieu to your worries with Bubbles & Books. You can choose your favorite book genre - there are many options including historical romance, thriller, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and historical romance. The bath items are made with high-quality ingredients and you will love them. 

If you take a standard subscription, you will get 1 paperback monthly, and premium subscribers get 2 paperback books monthly.

You can also join their exclusive community for the "Bubble Night" online event, and get stickers every month and loyalty rewards. 

What's in the box: It includes bath items, 1-2 books, and around 5 Ebook downloads per month. 

The initial price of the box is $34.99 for your first box and it renews at $44.99 per box. 


7. TheraBox 

TheraBox is one of the most popular subscription boxes and is considered the no.1 self-care subscription box. 

The brand has only one mission - to make people happier through unique self-care products and joyous activities. Therefore, each TheraBox includes around 7 full-sized skin-pampering items (natural bath, skincare products, lifestyle products, aromatherapy) and a happiness activity. 

The products of TheraBox are curated with lots of thoughts and they help you live a joyous life and de-stress yourself. You can easily cancel/reactivate your subscription anytime from your Amazon account. 

TheraBox changes themes and products every month so be ready for a delightful surprise always. 

What's in the box: This self-care subscription box contains 7 full-sized products and 1 happiness activity. You can expect items ranging from organic bath products, body products, skin care products, aromatherapy, and other lifestyle goodies. 

The price for the first box is $39.99 and afterward, subscribers need to pay $45.00 per box every month. 


8. Succulents Box

Succulents Box is a great box to subscribe to as it contains clay pots with 2 species of 2" different succulents every month. The box is filled with beautiful plants that have blooming flowers. They come in different varieties and shapes and are low-maintenance too. Succulents Box is one of the best subscription boxes to gift someone who loves plants. 

What's in the box: This plant subscription box includes rooted succulents in white/terracotta pots. In addition, there is an instruction card given that includes how to take care of the plants. rooted succulents in 2-inch clay pots, ready to thrive right out of the box. A detailed care instruction card is included to ensure your success. Also included are the ID cards to help you identify what genus you have.

Plants are shipped within 4 to 5 days, depending on the availability of the plant. 


9. The Comic Garage Super Box 

This is a super subscription box for books and it is suited for both kids & adults - it contains comics that are perfect for children learning to read or adults who want to read their favorite comic books again. 

You just need to choose your favorite character and The Comic Garage Super Box will curate a special box with comics for you based on your likes. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves reading comic books. 

What's in the box: The box contains comic books and you have the option to choose either 10 comics in the Super Box or 25 comics in the Ultimate Box.  


10. GQ Best Stuff 

GQ Best Stuff features grooming products, accessories, and electronics, that are all tested by GQ editors. This is a great box to subscribe to that is sent out quarterly. 

You can save a lot of money by stocking your closet and home with useful items by taking a subscription to the GQ Best Stuff Box. 

What's in the box: The box includes items like style accessories, apparel, electronics, grooming products, and more. 


11. Jerky Snob

Jerky Snob with a mission to provide healthy snacks to people. The items included in the Jerky Snob subscription box are made with utmost care and high-quality ingredients and do not contain ingredients like MSG, nitrates, high fructose corn syrup, nitrites, and HFCs. 

It is known for curating a different variety of unique flavors every month, so you will get a lip-smacking surprise each month!

The subscription renews every month, so you can enjoy healthy eating forever and ever. 

What's in the box: Get 8 bags of jerky (16 ounces each) every month. Sometimes, you may receive 7 bags of jerky and 2 sticks. Quite often, subscribers also get pork, elk, turkey, or wild boar in the box.  

The price is $49.50 for the first box, and afterward, you need to pay $63.50 per box every month. 


12. Bitsbox 

Bitsbox is a coding subscription box for kids ages 6 - 12. It was founded by former Googlers who wanted kids to learn coding in a fun way. With the Bitsbox subscription box, kids don't need to have any previous coding experience, as it contains an easy guide and unlimited email support that helps kids to learn fast and better. 

With the coding projects of Bitsbox, kids learn to make greeting cards, video games, simulations, and so on. 

Bitsbox is a great way to learn coding with entertainment - kids also get a new concept to explore every month. 

What's in the box: The box contains a welcome card, animal-themed app projects, a guide, Bitsbox's stamp, and stickers.  

The price of Bitsbox is $23.77 for the first box, and after that, it renews at $33.95. 


13. We Craft Box

We Craft Box is an award-winning kids' subscription box that contains a themed story, photo directions, and crafts for kids ages 3 -9. 

We Craft Box can be shared between two kids and can help them build creativity and learn something new. 

This unique kids’ subscription box helps families share quality time. It provides a holistic approach to learning as it aids kids in the development of visual arts skills, spatial abilities, and various techniques and processes. 

This subscription box comes with photo instructions that make it easy for kids and parents to do crafting. 

What's in the box: It includes crafting materials (scissors not included), photo directions, a themed story, art materials, creative learning art techniques, and directions to display your creations. 


14. Little Dreamers Club Craft Subscription Box

Take your child's imagination to another level with the Little Dreamers Club. This is one of the best subscription boxes for kids designed to enhance their motor skills, learning, and reading skills. 

The best part of this kids subscription box is that it makes kids unplug from screen time and have a fun time with family. 

What's in the box: Each Little Dreamers Club Craft Subscription Box contains around 5 to 8 crafts, art supplies, and an activity pack. There are different items in the box each month, so get ready to surprise your kid. 

This is a great subscription box to gift your kid and it is priced at only $30.00 for the first box. 


15. Beauty by Francesca

Beauty By Francesca is a popular subscription box for both women & men. 

It is filled with handmade natural skincare products such as body butter, bath salt, soap, body oil, lotion bar, body scrub, shower steamers, accessories, bath bombs, and more. 

The best thing about Beauty by Francesca is that all the products are made with fresh ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals like dyes, sulfates, perfumes, phthalates, and other artificial ingredients. 

It is a themed subscription box that comes with a notecard. Get this now and pamper yourself with these self-care items. 

What's in the box: The box contains 5 to 6 products and each month, subscribers receive different items such as handmade soaps, candles, lip scrubs, and so on. In addition, subscribers may also receive facial loofah, soap dishes, or face sheet masks.


16. Harry Potter T-Shirt Club 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If yes, what's your favorite house - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff? Whatever your answer is - Harry Potter T-Shirt Club has it all covered for you. 

This is one of the best subscription boxes for men, especially those who love the Harry Potter franchise. 

What is so special about this T-shirt club you may ask? Well, it releases new T-shirts that are lightweight, imported, and made by licensed designer labels. 

Wear the T-shirt and show your fandom to everyone. The best thing about Harry Potter T-Shirt Club subscription is that you can skip a month or even cancel at any time. This men's subscription box is a must-have if you are a fan of the wizarding world. 

What's in the box: The box includes exclusive, limited editing of Harry Potter T-shirts. 


17. Romance Reveal Book Box

Are you a bibliophile? If yes, then get a Romance Reveal Book Box subscription today. You can discover new authors and read new books without any hassle with this subscription box. This is a marvelous subscription box for women as it not only includes books, but also a sweet treat, and a feminine product sample each month. So, you can enjoy reading as well as trying different products and candies with the Romance Reveal book box subscription. 

They have a team of bloggers and avid readers who work diligently to make a list of books you will love. 

This subscription box helps people discover new authors and build a community by connecting authors and readers around the world. The box is filled with a host of Contemporary Romance books written by both independently published and traditionally published authors. 

What's in the box: Every Romance Reveal book box comes with 2 signed books, a sweet treat, and a girly sample.

The price for the first box is $28.00 and it renews at $35.00 per box. 


18. BarkBox 

BarkBox is a wonderful subscription box for dogs. The team at BarkBox designs all the toys and they have a partnership with American farms to choose the best chews and treats for your pet dog. This themed subscription box contains toys and healthy treats for your dog. 

Each month, there is a new fun theme so your pup will love the thrill of getting a gift always. 

What's in a box: Barkbox comes with two natural treats, two original toys, and one delicious chew. Moreover, the box has a unique theme and is customized according to the likes and preferences of your dog.  


19. KitNipBox 

This is an incredible box to subscribe to if you have a pet cat.

The box features unique themes and cat products that will make your kitty happy. From kittens to adult cats, KitNipBox is a great subscription box for cats. 

The company also supports animal welfare organizations and every month, they donate a portion of their cat supplies to rescues, TNR efforts, rescues, and other feline welfare causes. 

Thousands of people have subscribed to KitNipBox, and it has received the award for Best Pet Box by the Subscription Trade Association. 

One of the best things about this subscription box for cats is that they have a dietary option available for all subscribers, so you can replace food/treats as per your choice.

What's in the box: This cat subscription box is packed with 5 toys for cats, treats, goodies, and toys. 

You can get the first box for only $17.24, and the monthly subscription of the box is $22.99/box


20. LUXSB 

This is a subscription box for both women & men and contains luxury fragrances selected by specialists. 

It is a brand that provides perfume in large sizes and ultra-premium fragrances. 

So, get the subscription to LUXSB today and get a premium quality fragrance each month in a 9 ml spray. 

They provide trendy perfumes from all over the world at affordable rates. 

What's in the box: The box contains high-quality fragrances that are easily portable. It has a 30-day fragrance supply and provides a unique scent. 


Types of subscription boxes

1. Beauty subscription box


Beauty & skincare are evergreen markets, which is why a beauty subscription box is hugely popular worldwide. These skincare beauty boxes can come with products from a range of brands or a single brand. They are a great method to popularise lesser-known brands and build their goodwill in the market. 

2. Shaving supply subscription box


When it comes to men's subscription boxes, one of the most popular ones is the shaving supply one. It is not a surprising factor that men need to buy these grooming products like a razor, shaving cream, etc. multiple times a year, so getting a shaving supply subscription box helps men to get all the supplies from the comfort of their homes. 

3. Food subscription box


Snacks & food subscription boxes are slowly and gradually becoming popular among households. They are generally packed with groceries, meat, and snack boxes. These boxes are great for those who love munching on snacks or don't want to go out for groceries or meat. 

4. Pet subscription box


People who have pets love these themed-boxes as they are packed with pet food, toys, and even medicine. They come with cute packaging and are a favorite among pet lovers. 

5. Books subscription box


Books boxes are loved by avid readers - they come with 2+ books from new to famous authors. Most of these books' subscription boxes come with an option to select a favorite genre to ensure the subscriber gets a book he/she likes. 

6. Tea & coffee subscription box


Do you like coffee cold or hot? Subscribe to coffee boxes as they have it all covered for you - many of these boxes are packed with loose-leaf tea and coffee pouches to help you brew coffee every day without the hassle of going to the market and getting one. 

7. Kids subscription box


Kids love toys and learning new things - these boxes are usually packed with toys, craft, or a learning tool that keeps children engaged and also enhance their language & motor skills. 

8. Clothing subscription box


As the name suggests, clothing boxes come with clothes for women, men & kids. Some of these boxes are curated personally for the customer, while others change their themes every month. 

9. Makeup subscription box


These boxes are the next big thing in the industry as they are widely popular - they are packed with makeup products like lip color, eyeliner, lashes, etc. 

10. Toy subscription box


Toys are loved by kids, and these boxes cater to the needs of children so they come with different types of toys for different ages. Every month, a subscription box for toys comes with a new theme and a new set of toys - so your child will be surprised and love new toys each month. 

These monthly subscription boxes are great to have if you want to get everything at one click of the mouse - they are convenient, affordable, and of good quality. Subscription boxes monthly cost is not that high - so, get them now and pamper yourself with them, or give them as a gift to your loved ones. 

Disclaimer: The article contains sponsored links. The content is created by Pinkvilla.

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Can we send a subscription box as a gift?
Absolutely yes! Subscription boxes are a great gift to give somebody.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Most subscription boxes come with an option to cancel the subscription at any time without any hassle.

Can I customize my subscription box?
There are many brands that provide customization options for subscribers, but some of them don't. So, you need to check with the policy of company to see if you can customize your box or not.

Are there any subscription boxes for pets?
Yes, there are plenty of subscription boxes for pets and they are packed with toys, pet food, and other goodies.

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