#BIZARRE: Twitterati try the #BroomChallenge to make their broom stand straight

Twitter users are enjoying the broom challenge to make the broom stand upright on its own. Read on below.
#BIZARRE: Twitterati try the #BroomChallenge to make their broom stand straight#BIZARRE: Twitterati try the #BroomChallenge to make their broom stand straight
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Among all the challenges, Twitter users seem to be busy right now with another new challenge- The Broom Challenge. The challenge requires you to keep your broom standing upright on its own. But you cannot do it with the desi Indian broom; you have to take a mop for it. Then, you need to upload a video or photo of yours attempting the challenge.

The challenge commenced by a group of Twitter users who said that according to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) on Monday, February 10 brooms can stand upright because of the Earth's gravity. Without any official announcement from NASA, many people jumped into trying this challenge and posted pictures or videos of their brooms standing upright.

People got surprised by seeing the brooms stand upright by its own and thus Twitter is getting poured with comments. One user wrote, 'Is this thing real or have we collectively a society never tried standing a broom up?' Another person wrote, at first, he didn't believe it but now he was convinced after seeing his broom. People are certainly enjoying this #broomchallenge but it's a basic science behind this. Any broom can stand upright on its own because of their flat surface and bristles. So, anyone can try this challenge without any particular gravitational pull.

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