Black, Purple, Orange: THESE are the colours you should wear based on your zodiac signs

Each zodiac sign has different colours for them that enhance its nature perfectly. So, next time be wise while shopping to look best in every outfit of yours. Read on to know your perfect colours based on your sun signs.

Updated on Apr 24, 2020 07:30 AM IST  |  3.8M
Black, Purple, Orange: THESE are the colours you should wear based on your zodiac signs
Black, Purple, Orange: THESE are the colours you should wear based on your zodiac signs
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Our zodiac signs say a lot about our personality. It can interpret our nature, sense of responsibility, way of reacting, etc. It can also tell how secretive we are. The sun signs can tell us about the overall aura of a person. Now, based on the traits of each sign, there is a different colour which suits them the most. We can also maintain that thing by wearing clothes which have the colours that suit your personality.

This will enhance your aura. So, check out the best colour that suits you the most based on your zodiac sign.

Sun Signs: Colours to wear according to your zodiac signs.


Aries people are always super confident. So, blood red will enhance that personality. These people with their fiery temper want to rule the world and red is perfectly symbolic of that nature. But to soothe this aura, they should wear white or pink coloured outfits.


White, cream and pink colours are perfect to match with your aura. Try to avoid deep red as it doesn’t suit you well. But you can wear a maroon red coloured outfit.


It’s a sign of growth, creativity and freshness. So, wearing any green coloured dress would go well with your nature. But if you don’t like green that much then black, red, white and pink are also there to match your temperament.


Cancerians are quite calm in nature. Yellow is the most auspicious colour for them to flaunt their personality. Apart from that, they can also wear blue, sea green and white to enhance their calm nature. Since they are the most sensitive and emotional sign of all, try to avoid red colour as it will be overwhelming for the emotions.


Leos are very dominating by nature which can be enhanced with the colour orange. But you can also wear purple, gold and red to suit your personality well.


Hard working, creative, critical, stubborn Virgos can wear pastel and pale shades of all colours. Other than that, bottle green, moss green and green also match your traits.


Scorpions are mysterious and passionate, so they are attracted to the Gothic style. Hence, black, dark purple, maroon, bottle green colours are perfect to match their passionate personality. But they should avoid pale and pastel shades.


Orange, red, canary yellow are good for expressing your aura. You can also go for plain yellow or blue. If you want to try something soothing, then you can opt for white colour as well.


Traits of Capricorn are best exhibited with brown and khaki colours. But white also complements them well. If it's possible, try to avoid red or deep red coloured outfits.


These people are assertive, independent and easy going. So, violet colour and its different shades attract them the most. Their free spirited and eccentric personality is well matched with the shade.


Pisces people are romantic, imaginative, mystical and impressionable. So, wearing anything yellow will work like magic on them. Delicate by nature, Pisceans should avoid green colour.

These are the colours that go perfect with your zodiac traits and will express your personality the most. So, choose your outfit wisely. If you sense that a colour does not suit you, don’t go for that. Wearing a perfect coloured outfit makes you look more gorgeous and confident. Confidence is all that you need in your life.

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