Blue Moon on Halloween: 4 zodiac signs will be the most affected by this phase, according to astrology

Blue moon on Halloween is an extremely rare case where a second full moon occurs in the event. This phase is going to affect 4 zodiac signs specifically. Here’s how their life will change.
Blue Moon on Halloween Blue Moon on Halloween: 4 zodiac signs will be the most affected by this phase, according to astrology
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Two full moons are shining in this October 2020. One is harvest moon that has already been seen on October 1 and the other one is “blue moon” that will be observed on October 31 during Halloween. This is going to be the second full moon on the same month, which is why it’s called the blue moon on Halloween.

A blue moon in Halloween is highly a rare one which was last seen in the year 2001. So, this year’s Halloween is a special one. According to astrology, 4 zodiac signs will be affected the most by the blue moon of Halloween.

Zodiac signs who will be most affected by the blue moon of Halloween:


Due to the effects of the full moon, Taureans will feel everything on a very personal and intense level. They will revive and reboot their inner emotions this time which will be like a healing process for them. But since they will be quite intense so, it’s better for them to not react too much, as it will then be more dramatic. You may get unable to stay steady, grounded and practical as you are, so don’t think too much about it and go with the flow.


This is going to be an intense time for your career. You can work on your professional image and change your career path this time. So, always be open to new opportunities. But don’t underestimate your current job and be devoted to it as well.


This moment will bring change in your love life. You can see things more clearly that are positive or negative in the relationship, so you can work accordingly to make your connection more stronger.


You are going to evolve this blue moon on Halloween. It is the right time for you to transform. So, forget about your past issues and be ready to gather new knowledge and experiences. Don’t worry, you won’t get hurt this time.

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