Body shaming yourself and those around you? Here’s how you can stop

Bodies are of all shapes and sizes and they should not define beauty. We need to let go of our beauty standards and learn to see beyond it; Read on
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Do you ever just look at yourself in the mirror and feel unhappy? Your body just doesn’t seem good enough for you as per the society standards. Do you just look at all the people around you and all you see are flaws? No matter how hard you try to ignore it, you can easily see all those tiny things that are wrong with people’s bodies and yours too. That little voice in your head just says the meanest things about your body and those of people around you. It makes you hate your body and feel disgusted by it. You’re either too thin and boney or maybe you’ve got too much flab and those love handles make you ugly. Those stretch marks or the cellulite or those scars, they all seem to make you feel ugly and disgusting. There’s a term for what you are doing to yourself and others. Body shaming comes as naturally as breathing. You manage to makes people feel crappy about their bodies and this needs to stop. The society has set unrealistic beauty standards that no one needs. Here is how you can stop this behavior.

1. Be kind to yourself and others. Try to make positive statements. Be more body positive and stop looking at every flaw in your body and of those around you.

2. Try to remain body neutral and realistic. Don’t set unrealistic goals or expectations. Don’t judge yourself or others for the way they are.

3. Give compliments to people and to yourself too. Make a list of positive statements that you can use for the next few days for your body and of those around you.

4. Get rid of social media and magazines for a while. Stop looking at the models on Instagram and in those magazine pages. Quit comparing yourself and people to those women. Those are not real.

5. Stop condoning the society’s beauty standards. Let it go and don’t make it the only thing that measures beauty. Stop idolizing the perfect body.

6. Cover all mirrors in your house and stop looking at them. If you cannot adopt a body-positive lifestyle, quit looking at yourself and shaming yourself.

7. Take a stand against it. If you see anyone being bullied for being too skinny or fat, take a stand and defend them.

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