Bored at home? HERE's how you can socialise at home during the lockdown

With the current situation, we surely are missing our friends and our social life. Read below to find out how you can still socialise with your loved ones by staying indoors.
Bored at home? HERE's how you can socialise at home during the lockdownBored at home? HERE's how you can socialise at home during the lockdown
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The cases of coronavirus are on the rise, and hence a 21-day lockdown has been imposed in India to curb the transmission of the virus on a local level. Not only India, but several other countries are under lockdown for the next few weeks. We understand that all this is for our betterment, and we also understand that being at home 24*7 is not exactly an easy task. Whether you are a homemaker or are working from home, all of us are facing an issue to pass the extra time that is given to us as we are unable to head out and socialise. 


There are days where we want to leave everything and meet our friends and family. It becomes even more difficult if you have a big occasion like a birthday or anniversary coming up, and you have to spend it without your loved ones. So if you are missing your social life terribly and want to do something about it, then here's how you can be social without leaving your house. 


Here are some ways to socialise at home during the lockdown.


Dine together:


If you are staying with your family or in your Pg or with your partner and kids, you can always have a nice meal together. Make sure to plan a meal of the day where everyone sits and eats a meal together. You can bond with each other, talk about various things that you like or you think you can cook. This quarantine allows you to create some memories together. If you can't dine together, then you can organise for game night and play board games together. 


Play games online with your friends: 


There are plenty of multiplayer games that can keep you and your friends in good spirits. You can host a virtual game night, make your drink and snacks, set up a group video call and begin playing! You can play ludo, chess, pictionary and so many other games. 


Plan movie nights: 


You can schedule a movie night during weekdays! So, whether it is cuddling with your family to watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for the nth time or switching on the Netflix Party mode with friends, you have multiple options to choose from. 


Take video calls seriously: 


When you have some free time in your hands, get in touch with your friends and have a video call with them. You can even play games on a video call and also reconnect with people you used to be closed to and drifted away due to lack of time. 


Now is the correct time to share memes: 


If you are not big on chatting and video calling every other day, you can still stay connected with your friends by tagging each other in relatable means, commenting on posts and tagging each other in old pictures. 


If you think of it in this way, you have a lot of time to be with your friends and enjoy, the only difference is that you'll be doing it virtually.

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