Bored of your stressful life? ADD these things to your daily routine to make it fun

Are you bored with the same stressful life and want to do something different with your life? Read below to find out how adding these things to your daily routine can help you be more happy and less stressed.
Bored of your stressful life? ADD these things to your daily routine to make it funBored of your stressful life? ADD these things to your daily routine to make it fun
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When it comes to managing work life, all of us go through the performance pressure at some point of the time. With the travelling draining our energy and with the constant pressure to excel in our field not only makes our life stressful and monotonous but also takes a toll on our mental health. And there is no denying the fact that we're all a part of this rat race. 


If you are bored with your stressful life and want to add something different to it, then add these activities to your daily routine right away.  Since all of us need to calm down and unwind after a long day at work to ensure that we are in the best shape mentally. Adding these activities will not only make you happy but will also keep your mind light. Read below to find out which activities should be added to your life. 


The good old long bath:


Fill up the tub with warm or hot water and add some bath salts to it. You could even light a few scented candles and a few scents that are calming like lavender and chamomile. As the water drains, it'll take away all the stress of the day.


Chewing Gum:


The thought of chewing gum making you happy sounds weird right? Even if it's weird, it works. Studies suggest that chewing gum alters brain waves, making them similar to when you're in a relaxed state. It calms you down and promotes blood flow to your brain. 


Say No:


Saying no at times is good for your mental state. When you're unable to say no, you end up with more on your plate than you can handle. It adds to the stress, and you won't be able to do even the tasks you're good at. So if you have to say no at times, then do that, and no one will judge you. 




As cliche as it sounds, it works. Watch your favourite Tv show or some comedy show and laugh to your heart's content! It'll not only relieve the tension in your body and muscles but will also boost your immune system.




Exercising daily not only keeps you in shape but also releases endorphins and dopamine, hormones that help you relax and put you in a better mood. It further reduces the amount of cortisol in your body - the hormone responsible for stress. 


Write what you feel:


At times, some thoughts cannot be shared with anyone. And because of that, we constantly keep on thinking about the same thing. Hence, make it a habit to pen down your daily thoughts in a book. It will not only clear your mind but will also feel light and happy. 

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