Breastfeeding vs Bottle feeding: Which is better for the newborn?

Breastfeeding is generally considered to be a healthier and safer option for babies. But some mothers may also opt for formula feeding. So, what’s the difference between these two? Find out.
Breastfeeding vs Bottle feeding: Which is better for the newborn?
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When it comes to feeding a baby or infants, mothers have to do breastfeeding. But be it breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, parents will decide it completely. But mothers should sometimes try breastfeeding as it has many health benefits.

Many health organisations recommend breastfeeding for babies. But if mothers have some health conditions, then they should talk to their doctors.

Breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding: Which is a healthier option for babies?


Breastfeeding prevents the babies from infections like ear infections, diarrhoea, respiratory infections. This can also effectively save infants from allergies, asthma, obesity, diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome, etc.

Breastfeeding is easy to digest for the babies:

Breastmilk has protein, fat and lactose that are very easy to digest for newborn babies. It is easier to digest than the baby formula. It has most of the important nutrients that are essential for babies.

Bottle feeding

Commercially prepared baby formulas are a nutritious alternative to breast milk and it also has many nutrients which important for the babies. It is prepared under the sterile condition to duplicate the taste of breastmilk by creating a combination of fat, sugar, protein and vitamins. Baby formulas are not possible to make at home. So, the mothers who are not breastfeeding their babies should buy baby formula and not try to make it at home. But the downside of formula feeding is that it doesn’t have any antibodies which are found in breastmilk that protects the babies from infections.


Always consult your gynaecologist before starting to feed.

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