From BTS' RM to Blackpink's Rose: K pop idols who fit the description of their zodiac signs

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From BTS' RM to Blackpink's Rose: K pop idols who fit the description of their zodiac signs

Do you love K-pop? If yes, then you must love all the idols taking over the world right now. From the biggest boy band on the planet, BTS to the multi-talented Twice, South Korean entertainment industry is blessed with some of the most talented people on the planet. Not only are these idols super-talented but they have great personalities as well. 

Considering what the celebrities have shown us over the years that tell us a little more about their personality, we bring to you a list of K-pop idols who match their zodiac signs. Every zodiac sign has some personality traits, and some people perfectly fit that description, which is also true for the celebrities who made the list. 

With that said, here are the K-pop idols who fit the descriptions of their zodiac signs. 


Jackson: March 28 

Aries-borns are always the one taking the initiative, full of passion and determined. Ruled by Mars, the planet of war and energy, people born under this sign has a lot of energy and outward passion. But they can be very loving too. One idol that perfectly matches this description is none other than GOT 7’s Jackson Wang. Is there someone in K-pop who is more energetic in life than this guy? 


Baekhyun: May 6 

A Taurus can be defined as someone with a loyal, easy-going personality but a fighter for his goals with great work ethics. Taureans are known to be down to earth, and choosy when it comes to friends. They can also be stubborn sometimes. Baekhyun from EXO is a perfect match for his sign. 


Tzuyu: June 14 

Geminis are playful and intellectual, social butterflies and quick-witted. Born on June 14, Tzuyu from Twice is the closest to being similar to this sign. The Twice member is definitely very intellectual with impressive learning skills when it comes to languages. And she is known for being savage as well. 


Kim Heechul: July 10 

Cancer borns are loyal and honest. They are also known to have a fun attitude when they are with the people they like. They also know how to make others feel comfortable around them. They tend to be blunt sometimes, but that doesn’t take away their emotional side – this couldn’t be more true for Kim Heechul. 


Hwasa: July 23 

People born under this sign are very enthusiastic, passionate and generous. They are also very confident chaps who loves attention. Leo individuals are considered good leaders who inspire others. Ahn Hye Jin, popularly known as Hwasa has managed to show her bold and strong presence in live performances and variety shows. She never tries to hide her assertive side either, which we love. 


RM: September 12 

Virgos are perfectionists who have the ability to make their dreams come true. They are also great friends who are extremely supportive. They tend to be book and street smart, which is definitely true for the leader of the group BTS. Namjoon is known for speaking his mind through his lyrics which are both sensible and touching. 


Joohoney: October 6 

Libras are easy-going, sincere and known for their fair-mindedness, which is true for Monsta X’s member, Joohoney. From his natural aegyo to him being scared at times to intimidating at others, Joohoney’s personality screams that he is a true-blue Libra. 


Krystal: October 24 

Known for being passionate, fearless and committed, Scorpios might come stand-offish but they have a lovable personality. Krystal from f(X) has all these traits and more. She may have a cool appearance but is very adorable and nice to everyone she loves. 


Jin: December 4 

Onew: December 14 

Playfulness, free-spirited, humorous and optimistic are some of the words that describe a Sagittarius. They are known for their quirkiness and being generous. There wouldn’t be a better sign to describe BTS’s Jin as he is known for his dad jokes and always trying to lighten the mood. 

Sagis are also known for being clumsy, which is true for SHINee’s Onew who has been nicknamed “Onew Condition” because he crashes into random things and keeps tripping over. 


Solji: January 10 

EXID's Solji is the perfect example of a Capricorn as she is very disciplined and known for being the responsible leader that she is. She hid her illness to protect her members and give them the support they needed. She is very humble and realistic, some of the other traits of a Capricorn. 


Rosé: February 11 

Aquarians are spontaneous and confident, but surprisingly they take their time to open up to their surroundings and once they do, they are a delight to hang out with. They are easy-going, kind but tend to flow with their own rhythm, which fittingly crowns Blackpink’s Rosé’s personality. 


Taeyeon: March 9 

This water sign is known for being charming, compassionate, gentle and intuitive, which is true for Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. Not only does she embody all these traits, but she also has incredible story-telling skills. She can also be dorky at times, which makes her more admirable. 

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