Care less in all aspects of life with these 5 SIMPLE tricks

More often than not, we spend all our energies thinking about people’s opinions and judgements on us. This habit is not only a wastage of time but also affects mental health badly.
Care less in all aspects of life with these 5 SIMPLE tricks
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We are always too busy thinking about what other people think of us. We are always preoccupied with the judgements of our peers. But do these judgements in any way whatsoever affect our life? No, not per se. But it can affect our mental health if we constantly keep worrying about what others are thinking. 


The person who really doesn’t care as to what other people think is the happiest being alive. Such a person knows whose opinions matter and whose don’t. They know how to create healthy boundaries and to not let such trivial things affect them. Follow these ways to care less and be happier in life.


Indulge in self-care

It is very important to always put yourself first and every now and then indulge in self-care. If you already have a plan with one of your friends and don’t want to cancel but are also too drained for anything fancy, simply find a golden middle and indulge in self-care with them to pamper yourself and also fulfil your commitment.

Set limits

Sure you want to help your friend who has recently had a breakup. But if you are too bogged down by work or are just tired, then be upfront about it and make a plan that would suit you instead of overexerting yourself.

Identify your interests

There are some things that you are particularly good at and some you are not so good at. Identify those and only focus on the ones you excel at instead of wasting your time and stressing yourself out on the latter one.

Ask yourself if this person is worth it

Has this person in the past never helped you? Did they extort extra work out of you and never returned the favour? Assess if this person that you are investing so much time and energy in, is worth it or not.

Don’t get carried away

You give someone advice and wholeheartedly explain to them where they are going wrong. But in the end, you see them repeating those same mistakes and blatantly ignoring your advice. So avoid putting in so much effort where you no it will not be worthwhile.

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