Cat Friendly Dog Breeds: 5 Popular dogs that can easily gel with your cat pets

If you have cat pets at your home and are thinking to bring a dog then you need to do some research about it. As there are certain dog breeds who are friendly with other creatures especially with cats. So, here are popular dog breeds that gel with them.
Cat Friendly Dog Breeds: 5 Popular dogs that can easily gel with your cat pets
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Dogs are one of the most friendly domestic animals to have as pets. They are good with family members including kids and older people as well. They are the best to give us emotional support and so, some dogs are also used as therapy dogs. When people are depressed, often they are recommended to nurture a dog to fight against mental disturbances. They can sense your sad mood and cheer you up with their playful activity.

But some dogs are not good with other pets especially with cats. So, if you are going to bring a new dog at your home then you have to be careful with your existing cat. So, here we have listed down some of the best dog breeds who are friendly and easy-going with cats.

Best dog breeds who are friendly with cats:


Beagles are always the first preference of cat owners as they are super friendly and easy-going. They can easily gel with your cat friends.


Golden Retrievers

This breed is super energetic and friendly. They have a lot of love to give others. They are not so good at protecting because of their extremely loving nature. So, they are a good option for cat pets.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

They are small and very affectionate breed. They are good with both humans and cats. But their relationship with cats often depends on how they both are introduced with each other.


Labrador Retrievers

This breed is smart, gentle, intelligent and good with people and cats. They are good with everyone.



They have striking features with high intelligence and smart behaviour. The word Papillon means butterfly in French. It is named so because of their large butterfly-like ears. They are cool with the cats.


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