Charging your phone often? Follow THESE simple tips to save phone battery and ensure it lasts longer

Don’t remember the last time you went an entire day without charging your phone? Well, it’s time to fix that!
Charging your phone often? Follow THESE simple tips to save phone battery and ensure it lasts longer
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No matter which age group you belong to, you probably spend a large chunk of your day browsing through your smartphone. Be it watching a show, ordering groceries or even checking your calorie intake, everything is now easy thanks to the endless advantages of smartphones. Just like humans, smartphones too are capable of impressive accomplishments. - if not more! But have you ever wondered how your phone use affect the device’s battery life? Most of us are unaware of optimal smartphone usage and end up burning out our phones pretty quickly. A smartphone is no good if the battery keeps running out constantly. As a generation that is constantly on the go, there’s nothing worse than looking down at your phone and realising the battery is running out of juice or worse yet, that it’s already completely dead! If you are sick of having to desperately search for an outlet wherever you go, it’s time for you to check out these tips for making sure your phone battery never dies! 

1. Turn down the brightness

Probably the most common trick in the book, turning down the brightness of your phone screen is one of the easiest ways to prolong your battery life. Change your brightness settings to “auto brightness”, so the screen will automatically dim if you’re in a dark setting!

2. Turn off the wifi connection when you don’t need it

When your wifi connection is turned on, your phone works super hard while looking for a hotspot. Connecting to the nearest wifi signal may save money on your data plan, but it’s a big downer for your phone’s battery life. Disable the wifi connection and use it only when you need to!

3. Turn on the airplane mode

So what if you aren’t flying at the moment? The airplane mode is a great saviour when it comes to your phone’s battery life. It’s especially useful when you are in a no-signal area such as the subway. Turning on the airplane mode prevents your phone from using surplus battery to look for connectivity!

4. Say no push notifications

Getting an instant notification when you have a new text or comment can be a great way to stay connected on the go. But if you receive a lot of them, your battery life will be compromised. Turn off the notifications, or limit them to the really important apps!

5. Be miserly with your use of location services

Location services use GPS technology to find out your precise location. Location services come in handy in unfamiliar areas, but it is also a major battery drainer. Make sure your location service setting is disabled and turn it on only when you really need it!

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