Check out these INTERESTING and lesser known facts about Capricorn

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Check out these INTERESTING and lesser known facts about Capricorn

People born between December 22 and January 19 belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorns are logical, practical and intelligent beings. They are driven and ambitious and are more than ready to work hard to achieve their goal in life. Capricorns have immense self-control and know when to stay focused and when to let go.


While they have many friends and are always standing as a pillar of strength for them, they are independent and self-sufficient and prefer doing their work on their own. Here are some more interesting facts about this sun sign.

They are incredibly loyal and dedicated towards their relationships. They are committed individuals who will go to any lengths to fulfil the wish of their loved ones and will never let them down. 

Capricorns are hard workers. They know that to achieve something great, they will have to put in extra efforts. They are disciplined and patient and have the ability to push themselves whenever needed. 

Since they are incredibly committed and sincere, they expect the same from other people. They want nothing but the best. Be it friends, partners or acquaintances. Only when they are convinced of your dedication, do they extend a hand of friendship. 

Capricorns are mysterious souls and tend to keep their emotions a secret. They like the idea of having a mysterious aura around them and in keeping people guessing.

Capricorns are very stubborn. If they want something, they want it now. Once they are after something, it is impossible to convince them to change their mind or to let go of that whim.

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