Check out the zodiac signs of 3 iconic Bollywood rom com characters

We predicted the zodiac signs of some famous Bollywood rom-com characters based on their qualities, quirks and personality traits.
 3 Bollywood rom com characters as zodiac signs Check out the zodiac signs of 3 iconic Bollywood rom com characters
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Romantic comedies are great. They are filled with romance, drama, action, comedy and whatnot. They keep you hooked and bring a smile on your face. Watching rom-coms is definitely a great way to lift up your mood and indulge in some feel-good romance. Both Hollywood and Bollywood are filled with many such films that make you laugh and make you believe in romance. 


When it comes to Bollywood rom-coms, films like Aisha, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Wake Up Sid and Jab We Met come to mind. Based on their personality traits, we predicted the zodiac signs of 3 such popular Bollywood rom-com characters.


Aisha from Aisha



Aisha is lowkey obsessed with finding the best match for her friends. She is social, friendly, outgoing and optimistic. Just like a true Gemini, she has a lust for life and is committed to making the people around her feel special. She means well most of the times and genuinely wants to find the best man for her girlfriends. 


Geet from Jab We Met




Librans are fun-loving and friendly. They love making new friends and meeting new people. Geet from Jab We Met is uninhibited and fun to be around. She makes friends wherever she goes and is adventurous and outgoing. Just like a Libran, she is also a tad bit confused at times but knows how to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.


Dr Mili Chakraborty from Khoobsurat




Dr Mili Chakraborty is genuine, raw and real. She doesn’t pretend and believes in being true to herself, even if she is in a palace! Just like Aquarians, she is authentic and honest and doesn’t appreciate pretence. She is unconventional and has a unique and distinct personality that sets her apart from the crowd.


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