College Life: THESE are some college experiences you cannot miss out on

College life is the best life and we make tonnes of memories in college, which we cherish forever. Read below to find out somethings that you must do while you are in college.
College Life: THESE are some college experiences you cannot miss out on College Life: THESE are some college experiences you cannot miss out on
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When we are in primary school, we dream about going to 9th and 10th grade. And when we are in 9th grade, we start preparing for our college life. College life is the best life, we get to meet so many people, learn so many things, witness heartbreaks, make close bonds and understand ourselves better. Going to college is one milestone in life that everyone's excited about. It shapes us as an individual and we get to do things we've never done before. New people, new rules, new experiences and a lot more make this ride unforgettable! 


Right from picking the right outfit every morning, to waiting for your friend at the railway/metro station, we all experience something new daily. So, my dear college-goers, enjoy these little moments while you can because when you look back, they will be the most memorable days of your life! With this, here are a few things that you have to experience in your college life.


Fests and more fests:


One best thing about college life is the fact that there are so many festivals and activities that you can look forward to. These fests not only allow you to meet new people but you also get to different types of talent from other colleges. Fests are the best part of your college time, and participating in these events will give you a chance to interact with new people which will open new opportunities. So don't miss out on fests in college. 


Show what's your style:


After wearing the same old boring uniform for 10-12 years, it's going to be quite interesting to experiment with new outfits daily. These outfits will not only describe your personality, but it will also help you discover your style. 


Clubs and societies:


When it comes to college, you not only meet people in your class but also meet them in some cool college clubs. Right from dance and drama club to maths club, there are multiple types of clubs in college. These college clubs will not only help you get your mind off studies and lectures but will also give you a chance to interact with more people in your college and outside


Crushes and romance:


College is also a place where you'll have not one but multiple crushes throughout the year. Some crushes might even turn into serious relationships and romance. 




One minute you are standing outside your college and the next minute you are at your favourite food joint with your friends. Bunking college regularly is bad, but once in awhile skipping one lecture to have some fun with your friends is a memory you'll cherish throughout your life. 




College time is not only time to have fun but also to earn some extra money by doing some fun internships. So, it’s best to utilise those summer breaks to get some extra cash and a lot of new experiences. It is the only time you can gain experience and not stress a lot about it, so it’s best to make the most of it. 

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