Common problems faced by LGBTQ teenagers in India

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Common problems faced by LGBTQ teenagers in India

Growing up as a child who identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender can be incredibly difficult. This is partly because LGBT teens or children have little to no representation in media. Hence, watching television or movies where the protagonists are always heterosexual isn’t easy for kids and it develops un unfortunately erroneous sense of being wrong. In order to ensure that youth from the LGBTQ+ community feel accepted and cherished, we must take a closer look at some of the real challenges faced by LGBT teens.

Lack of support at school

It is a grim reality that teachers and professors do not openly support LGBT students and often encourage them to stay silent about their sexuality. Due to this fact, students who are led by example of their teachers tend to shun LGBT students. The kids then face harassment and bullying in schools and colleges often by their own classmates or peers.

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Family rejection

Statistics show that over 50% of youngsters who come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender face a negative reaction from their family. While some parents openly berate their wards, others ask them to keep mum or explore conversion therapy that can cause lasting psychological damage to the kids. Young kids hesitate coming out as LGBT because they fear rejection from their parents and their community.

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Homelessness shows the ugly side of family rejection, as some parents ask LGBT teens to leave their homes without any career or educational prospects. This leads to kids being displaced and their financial support is cut off. It increases risk of depression, suicidal thoughts and even substance abuse in some LGBT youth. Others test HIV positive as a result of engaging in unprotected sex.

While support from parents is critical, social support is just as important for a youth to feel accepted in one’s own community irrespective of what their sexual orientation or sexual identity is. Therefore, do not hesitate to reach out to LGBTQ teens you know in your community just to reassure them of your support and love.

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