Coronavirus: Here’s what astrologers are predicting about the virus

Coronavirus has shaken up the world and people have more questions than ever. Astrology might answer some of them. Read on to know more.
Coronavirus: Here’s what astrologers are predicting about the virus Coronavirus: Here’s what astrologers are predicting about the virus
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The entire world is facing the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken the world by a storm. The fatal virus has claimed the lives of thousands of people around the world, including nine in India as of March 24, 2020. The internet is flooded with questions about the infectious disease that are yet to be answered. When science is still discovering the disease, people are turning to the stars in the hope that there will be a positive prediction that might give people a glimpse into what the future holds. 

While the number of cases increases, astrologers are more under the spotlight than ever as people expect to see or hear something that gives them hope. Even the biggest sceptics are turning to listen to what the astrological charts have predicted in the wake of coronavirus fear. But how hopeful can we get? Astrologers have considered it their responsibility to look into the stars and find what the future looks like for people, economy and more. 

Here is what astrologers have to say about COVID-19 and the stars. 

1. Impact on the Economy 

According to the AstroTwins, the 2020's astrology forecast published in 2019 mentioned something about an event that would have a major impact on the world, especially the economy. They wrote that the global economy is suffering now because of the sudden Coronavirus outbreak, which was predicted earlier as an event known as a 'black swan event'. 

2. The First Case of COVID-19 

The first case of COVID-19 occurred on January 1, the day when Jupiter was ending its visit to Sagittarius. The presence of Jupiter in Saturn and Pluto might have released an event that was hidden, perhaps a virus. 

3. Saturn-Pluto 

Saturn is the planet of time, limitation and responsibility, whereas Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. They are slow-moving planets and take around 30-35 years to meet. But when Saturn and Pluto align, it’s kind of a big deal. Whenever they have met in the past, it has resulted in war, recession or financial crisis like World War I, Financial Panic of 1914, the recession of 1982 in the United States and several such events. 

4. Year of the Rat 

Year of the Rat is the first zodiac sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Also known as the Lunar New Year, it is one of the most important events celebrated by Chinese people globally. Unfortunately, this has marked the beginning of a pandemic - coronavirus. Also, it is suspected that bats, who are mistakenly considered a part of the rodent family, were deemed responsible for spreading the virus and this is highly coincidental.  

The spread of the virus is also being considered an act of bioterrorism - the use of infectious agents as weapons of terrorism.

5. Saturn-Aquarius 

Saturn is the sign of limitations, meaning it challenges one to push through obstacles to undergo meaningful growth. Aquarius, on the other hand, is the last air sign of the zodiac. According to astrological beliefs, Saturn heading to Aquarius on March 21 might indicate the beginning of community upheaval. People might face challenges through anything spread through the atmosphere. People around the world might have to be extra cautious and cancel all upcoming big events. So, practice social distancing in an effort to save lives.

It is also being predicted that people might see an internet shutdown by the Government in the near future as Saturn is a sign of public information and technology. 

Saturn moving into Aquarius can also impact the flight industry, which is predicted to continue till April 2020. Saturn might return for its next foray from December 2020, until March 2023. 

6. New Economic Developments 

As Coronavirus shut down manufacturing companies around the world, it may accelerate the development of a new economy, as predicted by the AstroTwins. It may lead to developments for "new money models over the next four years". 

Note: Believing or not believing in predictions is an individual’s choice but at the time of crisis, you must rely more on self-awareness and practising necessary measures to combat the disease.  What do you think about these predictions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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I believe the internet shutdown will be coming shortly as predicted... It will rearrange the human race for better learning options....

I see Novel Corona as an agent of God, who wants to awaken the humanity from its slumber of capitalism and its related phenomena. The choice is awake or get annihilated.

These guys never predicted or warned us about corona virus beforehand, sure I will believe them now, blah...

Awaiting radical changes of social order, and a more just society. Thanks for the prediction.

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