Coronavirus Survivor Stories: THESE Indians share their experience on how they fought with the disease

Coronavirus survivors stories: Many India COVID-19 survivors, in interviews, shared their recovery tales and their reactions when they learned that they contracted the infection.
Coronavirus Survivor Stories: THESE Indians share their experience on how they fought with the diseaseCoronavirus Survivor Stories: THESE Indians share their experience on how they fought with the disease
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Coronavirus's footprint in India is only rising by the day, however, precautionary measures to control and curb the spread is on. In a bid to flatten COVID-19's curve, self-quarantine has been asked to follow by all in India. Work from home and paid leaves are being provided to employees by corporate firms. Awareness of symptoms and lab test facilities are also being done at all levels. For the unversed, as of today, 256 Indians were tested positive for COVID-19. 4 death cases have been reported so far.

Amidst the panic, many survivors are taking to their social media pages to create more awareness about the signs and treatment and also to give positive hope during these trying times. We had recently shared with readers how a Seattle woman shared her recovery story on Facebook with her followers and helped to know more about the disease and debunked myths. Today we have compiled stories of Coronavirous survivors. They will surely give you hope in times of pandemic and panic.

Coronavirus survivors stories by Indians: Read on to know more:

1. In an interview with Hindustan Times, 45-year-old Rohit Dutta, who was Delhi's first Coronavirus patient, shared his first reaction when he learned that he contracted Coronavirus and also revisited his experience at the isolation ward. He had returned from Italy and he developed symptoms soon. He later decided to get tested for COVID-19. He was quarantined at the isolation facility in Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital. He said that when he first tested positive, he was scared as it is a new disease and thought that he might die. 

However, doctors explained to him that he just had mild symptoms and most likely to recover. He revealed that he did not feel disconnected and had access to a phone and he used video-call his family.  He also stated how the hospital facilities were excellent like luxury hotels. Dutta also revealed that hospital staff maintained a high level of hygiene. He was pleasantly surprised when he received a phone call from Union health minister Harsh Vardhan on Holi as he and PM are personally monitoring the condition of patients. 

2. In an interview with Republic TV, the survivor (he and his family were contracted COVID-19) shared his treatment and recovery details. The survivor added how they were shocked and having negative thoughts about the outcome of the disease. The survivor revealed that the first few days were difficult. However, they started thinking positively. His travel history included four countries - Italy, Hungary, Amsterdam, and Iceland. 

He revealed that he was given anti-bacterial medicines and tablets that cure swine flu. He and his family completed isolation for 14 days. They all recovered from the disease, and are now fit. He added how we should be a responsible citizen and support the system that is working for us and how running away from doctors will not help.


3. In a conversation with Deccan Herald, a 20-year old medical student, who was Kerala's first Coronavirus patient, shared her tale. She was under isolation at the Thrissur government general hospital, shared her tale. When she learned that she contracted the virus she asked others who returned with her from China to be cautious and even asked them to undergo the tests. Being a medical student she was well aware of COVID-19 and its mortality rate. She revealed that she was healthy and had no diseases and was confident that she will come out of the disease and this boosted her family's morale as well. She was later discharged and was home quarantined. 

The medical student said that there is no social stigma towards her for being a coronavirus survivor. And added how her relatives and friends came to visit her after she got fully recovered from the virus. She revealed that she will go back to China to complete her studies once it Coronavirus free.

4. In an interview with, a 23-year-old medical student, who was studying in Wuhan, China, shared his journey. He said that after landing in India the next day he reported to the nearest public health center as it was his responsibility. He had no symptoms, however, he followed home quarantine. On 30 January, he reported to Allepey Medical College and was shifted to an isolation ward soon, after the 1st Kerala case had tested positive (the medical student from Wuhan).

He revealed that he was a bit worried but being a medical student he managed to be positive and calm. He added how people have had prejudices as he returned from Wuhan. However, on the brighter side, doctors, nurses, and medics took good care of him and provided him with everything, even the food was of his choice. He was in touch with his friend and family.  The department of health was conscious of both physical and mental health. Health Minister KK Shailaja was also in touch with him.

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