COVID 19: After the Coronavirus lockdown ends, will you get back to eating street food? VOTE NOW

Coronavirus or COVID 19 is bound to bring some changes in the lifestyle of people. Today, we’d like to know whether COVID 19 will have an impact on street food eating habits.
Street Food,Coronavirus,covid 19 COVID 19: After the Coronavirus lockdown ends, will you get back to eating street food? VOTE NOW
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Coronavirus or COVID 19 Pandemic has affected the lives of millions of people across the globe and in India, as the cases increase, the mindsets of people are also changing. While the COVID 19 lockdown has been extended till May 3 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, people may not even come out of their homes after it gets lifted. While people are staying inside their homes, many are also craving yummy street food like golgappas, chaat, tikki, pav bhaji and more. But, there is an underlying fear too in the mind of people due to COVID 19. 

Many may feel that eating street food post the lockdown, may cause several diseases including Coronavirus. Others may feel that after lockdown lifts, it is the first thing they would want to relish when they step out of the house. Now, amid such a dilemma, we’d like to know if the Coronavirus spread in India and the world, affected your mindset as well about street food. Will you be relishing your favourite street food post the lockdown lifts with the same amount of enthusiasm? 

Well, as per reports, Coronavirus began in the city of Wuhan in China and then went on to spread across the globe owing to people travelling to different nations. In India, the cases have crossed 10, 000 mark and with more and more positive patients coming in, the government is fighting the pandemic tooth and nail by putting in place measures. Amidst this, we thought to ask our patrons if they would relish street food with the same amount of love like they used to before the Coronavirus pandemic happened. Go ahead and vote now!