Crushing on someone at work? Here’s how you can handle it before it gets you in trouble

Crushing on your boss or your co-workers is not uncommon, but it is important to handle it before things go haywire.
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What happens when you have a crush on a co-worker? What are the rules of working with someone you have a major crush on? How are you supposed to handle such a sensitive work situation? Having a crush is very common, but it may make things at your workplace very awkward and uncomfortable. Crushes outside of work are no big deal but when you have to see the person you have a crush on, on a daily basis, it makes things extremely weird. Your crush can eventually start affecting your work and success. It can also hamper your productivity. You may end up spending time thinking about your crush or staring at them or maybe even talking to them and fantasizing about them. This will definitely reduce your productivity and theirs too. And an office romance may not be such a great idea because if things don’t turn out well it will drive you and all your colleagues up the wall and if by any chance it turns out to be a senior it may just make a mess at your work. Here are some ways to handle your crush on your co-worker before things get out of hand.

1. Don’t feel ashamed about it and don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s okay to feel what you feel and remember that you have no control over it. It’s not your fault.

2. Think about it with a clear mind. Ask yourself if it’s really just a regular crush that can be ignored or is it much deeper. It’s essential to know if your crush is superficial or not. You need to find the true reason behind this crush in order to do something about it.

3. Take a step back from your fantasy and take a long hard look at the logic and reality. Is this crush really worth risking it all for?

4. Try to stay away from your crush and avoid unnecessary contact. Do not encourage yourself and do not try to approach your crush or confront them with it. It may end up harming your career and embarrass you.

5. Avoid talking about your crush with your colleagues and work friends. It may lead to teasing and gossip. Office gossip can reach your bosses and damage your career and reputation.

6. Keep yourself busy with work instead of focusing on them. Focus on your work and try to avoid thinking about them. Check yourself if you think of them. Working will help you avoid thinking about them and keep you distracted from your feelings and your crush.

7. Don’t expect your crush to disappear overnight. It will take some time.

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