Crushing on a Taurus? Here’s what it’s like to date the earth sign

Planning on dating a Taurus? Before you date one, you should know what they are like in a relationship.

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Crushing on a Taurus? Here’s what it’s like to date the earth sign
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Taureans are born between April 22 and May 21 and belong to the Earth element of the zodiac. Ruled by the planet of Venus, the earth sign is all about luxurious things, romantic escapades and hard work. They are also known for being stubborn and let’s face it, it’s true for most of the people born under this sign. 

With a hint of luxury and comfort, Taurus' borns are good people to be around. They are gentle, but they can be fierce. They don’t like to be pushed around and have strong opinions that they stick to regardless of what others say. No task or challenge can bring the bull down as their patience and resilience help them get through the most difficult times. All these qualities make this earth sign irresistible. 

Here’s what Taurus is like in a relationship. 


They know what they want 

Taurus love stability in all areas of life, including relationships. They are always sure of what they want in life. So, make sure they are comfortable around you and you give them a sense of stability. 

They are loyal

Come rain or hail, the earth sign will remain loyal to the person they love. When they love and commit to someone, they do it forever. Taurus’ loyalty is what helps them survive long-term relationships. 

They provide and protect 

People born under Taurus are hardworking and know how to achieve what they want. Despite loving the finer things in life, they know how to manage their money and help their partner do the same. Stability in the bank and life is paramount for this sign. 

They are also protective but in a good sense. Personal relationships matter to the earth sign a lot, which is why they look out for people they love and be there for them through thick and thin. 


They prefer material things 

As mentioned, they love finer things in life so expect a Taurus to dress well, go shopping, invest in makeup or buy the newest gadget – whatever pleases them. However, if they love you, these things might take a backseat. A Taurus might like material things, but what they are really touched by are the sentiments of love. 

They love the idea of love

Taurus might be very hard-working and materialistic, but no one can deny their love for romance. When it comes to relationships, this bull tends to take things seriously and go all out for their partner. From candlelit dinners to long walks on the beaches, they prefer all things romantic and will shower their partner with love. 

They don’t like to be treated as an afterthought 

What you don’t want to do while dating a Taurus is erratic planning. If you are not sure of your plans, hold off on scheduling because cancelling plans with a Taurus is never a good idea. 

They are sensual 

Don’t be surprised if a Taurus sweep you out of your feet in the first meeting! Considered one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, Taureans are true romantics who are serene, lusty and artistic. 


They always win an argument 

If you think Taureans are too calm to win an argument, think again! Don’t be fooled by their composed exterior because they know how to win an argument. The temperamental, unwavering bull will fight until they get their point across the table, loud and clear. 

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