Dental care for kids: 5 ways to protect your child’s teeth & maintain oral hygiene shared by Dr Santosh Kumar

Dental hygiene is an important aspect of your child’s well being. Keeping good oral hygiene can go a long way to protect your child from diseases and viruses. Find out what precautions can you take to protect your kid’s dental hygiene shared by Dr Santosh Kumar.
Dental care for kids: 5 ways to protect your child’s teeth & maintain oral hygiene shared by Dr Santosh Kumar
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Healthy teeth and good oral hygiene practice can go a long way in keeping the overall wellness for your child. Right from the teething stage of your baby, dental care should be an important routine for parents. Dr Santosh Kumar, a consultant paediatrician and neonatologist, shared with us some dental hygiene tips that parents should keep in mind for their toddlers and babies.

It is no brainer that healthy teeth are important for your baby’s overall well-being. Healthy pearly whites can help baby eat and also form sounds, words and help chew solid food. Not only this, but it also tends to affect the way the baby’s jaw grows. Even though the baby is taking breast milk, the lactose present in the milk can cause tooth decay before they start consuming solid food. Swearing by good dental habits is essential as poor oral hygiene can lead to infections and gum diseases that can give you a tough time in later life. 

Here are some good hacks for dental care that can keep cavity and gum diseases at bay.

1) Apart from visiting a dentist for the initial check-up, it is important to wipe your baby’s gum with a clean cloth as this will help prepare your baby for brushing before their teeth arrive.

2) Avoid putting the baby off to sleep with the ‘bottle’ as the milk can cause tooth decay, cavities and discolouration of teeth. Switch to a cup as this can prevent the milk from pooling around the teeth.

3) Once your child enters the phase of a toddler, they must brush teeth twice a day. Ask your dentist, if you can use floss between your child’s teeth to get rid of unwanted food particles when your baby starts eating solid food.

4) Avoid giving your child sugary or sticky sweets, instead offer something healthy like fruits, nuts, etc.

5) Brushing technique is important, parents can refer to some online videos for brushing tutorial and keep a timer to ensure brushing for at least 2- 3 minutes.

6) Use of tongue cleaner is imperative as this helps in cutting down on unhealthy bacteria. Choosing the right toothbrush with soft bristles and something which is attractive in terms of colour or shape that can add a fun element in the brushing regime of your child.

7) Role of fluoride is critical for good dental hygiene of your child as it helps in reducing cavity. Choosing a toothpaste with the right levels of fluoride can be helpful in preventing cavities or bad breath.

8) Rinsing mouth post eating is a great habit as your child can get rid of food particles and unwanted smell.

9) Change toothbrush every 6 months once the bristles are worn out as it can hurt the gums and that may not be appropriate for brushing.

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