Depression & Anxiety: 10 signs you may be suffering from both disorders

Anxiety and Depression are terrifying disorders which can distraught a person.
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Most mental health patients tend to have depression and anxiety together. Each condition has its own cause but the symptoms are similar. You might have notice some changes lately like feeling sad, hopeless or lonely. That’s not it. Sometimes you’re worried and afraid. This is when Depression and Anxiety come into picture. It is very important to know if you are dealing with these conditions and go through a proper treatment. These two horrifying disorders are two sides of the same coin.

It is okay to feel sad and down but when this lasts for a week or more you may consult your doctor. Depression and Anxiety symptoms are not always as obvious as frequent crying and overwhelming despair. They may progress from mild to more severe.

Check out these symptoms of Anxiety and Depression.

Loss of Interest

We often do what we like when we are bored. While you’re going through depression and anxiety, you may lose interest in your hobbies.

Some people prefer staying indoors than going outdoors.


Many people face trouble sleeping. People often lie awake at night, unable to sleep for no suitable reason. On the other hand, some people find it difficult to get out of bed.


Change in Appetite

Some people tend to overeat while some starve themselves. The person may stop eating because he/she may not be concerned with their physical well-being.

Difficulty remembering and concentrating things

Many patients find it difficult to concentrate and focus on their work. They have a tough time making decisions. Even though they have good memory, it becomes difficult for them to remember certain things.

Thoughts of Death and Suicide

In severe cases of depression and anxiety, the patient may tend to have suicidal thoughts over small things and arguments.


Decreased Energy

You might notice a sudden decrease in your energy levels. You are exhausted all the time and do not want to go out. People prefer being home than doing anything else.


Many people become impatient and tend to get irritated easily. The smallest of small things irritate you.

Pains, Aches, Cramps and Gastrointestinal problems

Many people experience pain and cramps for unknown reasons. Some patients experience gastrointestinal problems.

Pain and Cramps

Persistent feeling of sadness and emptiness

This is the most basic symptom of depression and anxiety. Many people feel sad, unworthy and empty for petty reasons.

Racing heart

Many anxiety and depression patients tend to have high blood pressure and sweat easily. The heart starts beating rapidly.

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