Diets that don’t work: 5 weight loss strategies you should avoid

Looking for a diet plan to lose the extra pounds in a short time? Well, you need to reconsider these weight loss strategies.
Diets that don’t work 5 weight loss strategies you should avoidDiets that don’t work: 5 weight loss strategies you should avoid
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Author Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book Eat, Pray, Love, “I am a better person when I have less on my plate.” With the craze for fitness, most people tend to try anything they come across on the Internet. If shedding those pounds was as easy, wouldn’t everyone simply give up on food and drink a glass of protein shake or leafy greens?

From the caveman diet to the detox diet, there are many options. Even the worst diets help you lose weight but they make you gain it right back. So, how to distinguish what works from what doesn’t in the long run? Well, don’t believe everything you hear. Steer clear of these five weight loss strategies.

Starving and skipping meals

Of course, you need to cut on your calories to lose weight. But, if you think not eating anything throughout the day or skipping on meals would do it for you, you’re wrong. Missing out on meals can be fatal for your metabolism.

Working out on an empty stomach

It is essential to take certain nutrients and get a bout of energy before you go out to utilise it for workouts. If you exercise hungry, the calories burned are from muscles, instead of fat.

Eat what you like and exercise

It doesn’t work like that. To lose weight, more energy has to come out that goes in. But, if you eat all those desserts and fast food, the amount of energy you spend to work out will be overcome by the calories you consume.

Lose all you belly fat in two weeks

Don’t get lured by those advertisements. The key to weight loss is patience and persistence.

Cutting specific food groups

Instead of skipping on all meals that contain carbohydrates, remember to take care of portion control. Eat that pasta or pizza but in limited quantities.

As Jason Statham said: “Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you're working out, you're going to feel good.”

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