Discover how Chiron, the transforming force of Astrology impacts zodiac signs like Aries, Leo, Pisces

Today, famous astrological numerologist Sidhharrth S. Kumaar will lead you through how Chiron, the astrology's mutable element, impacts zodiac signs.

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Chiron in Astrology
Discover how Chiron, the transforming force of Astrology impacts zodiac signs like Aries, Leo, Pisces
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While analyzing our birth charts, we often focus on the big names. The big names, like the sun, moon, and other celestial planets like Venus and Saturn. But we tend to forget about including the smaller celestial beings that can transform the course of our life - the most striking of them is Chiron. Highly acclaimed as the "wounded healer " of astrology, Chiron is the representative of our deepest pain and the pathfinder to our healing. It represents our sensitive side, the part that is vulnerable and scarred. It is also the medium through which we repair our past-life issues and gain independence from chronic misery. You will be guided through how Chiron, the changing element of astrology, affects zodiac signs by renowned astrological numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar today.

Role of chiron

A New Addition to Astrology 

Discovered in 1977, Chiron is one of the most recent additions to Astrology. As such, it's obvious that it doesn't find its place in traditional astrology. But it has been used in modern-day astrological practice with huge pomp and splendour. 

Modern-day expert astrologists make it a point to track Chiron with other planets to derive a more insightful and holistic astrological assessment. From its participation in assessing birth charts to horoscopes, its discovery has conferred a new direction to the zodiac and its implications. 

What is the role of Chiron in Astrology? 

At the time of its discovery, Chiron was considered an asteroid. However, time passed, and recent studies proved it to be a minor planet or "dwarf planet" like its karmic pal "Pluto''. The uniqueness of this minor planet lies in the special position of its orbit. Surprisingly, it lies between the wildly different planets, the constructive Saturn and the chaotic Uranus. 

Its unusual orbit position reflects the extraordinary convention of the two planets and their effects on our lives. It highlights the two distinct answers: the aspects we shall resist to achieve our dream life(Saturn) and the factors/things we must passionately chase (Uranus). Like its location in the middle of these two planets, it introduces us to the golden mean or balance needed for constructive growth and healing. 

Chiron is the transforming force of Astrology that converts pain into power - 

The name of Chiron is derived from the famous Centaur of Greek mythology. He was more educated, wise, and brilliant than other centaurs of the time. With his knowledge, he was able to heal anyone with his medicines. Unfortunately, Chiron was unable to treat himself for the wound he obtained from a poisonous arrow. The wound became the reason for a prolonged period of unbearable pain and, ultimately, his sorrowful yet honourable death. 

Thus, the name "wounded healer" affirms the name given to the dwarf planet Chiron. Similar to the prolonged pain of the noble Centaur, it represents individuals' chronic emotional, mental, and karmic pain from their present and past life. It is the emblem of the complex personal issues you've faced in the past and the emotional burden and trauma you still carry. 

Checking the placement of Chiron in our natal chart helps us identify our pain and the great potential humans store within themselves to heal from any kind of agony. The significance of the wounded healer in astrology boils to this - it helps us confront our deepest wounds and come victorious as a warrior on the other side. It teaches us that all the pain we are feeling is a bridge that takes us to our higher purpose. It commences our healing journey and initiates our spiritual growth. 

Chiron force

How to calculate your Chiron Sign? 

Apart from consulting a professional astrologer who can provide a detailed and trustworthy analysis of your birth chart and Chiron sign, you can look it up for yourself using your accurate birth date, time, year, and location. A full Chiron revolution takes about 50 years. This means Chiron takes 50 years to complete a cycle through the 12 zodiacs and spends around four years in each sign. After 50 years, Chiron returns to each zodiac sign again. This is known as a "Chiron Return". Here, it's important to understand that each person's struggles are unique and based on individual choices, experiences, and environment. However, the same obstacles, difficult experiences, and trauma can repeat in the lives of the people born under the same zodiac and Chiron sign. 

Let's discuss some common past-life issues and suffering that can unravel in each Chiron sign throughout their journey and the possible healing process that can transform their lives and make space for betterment and freedom. 

Chiron in Aries (or the 1st House)

Pain: As an Aries, your past-life issues or wounds may involve a struggle with self-identity and autonomy, lack of self-worth or confidence, and a disturbing fear of not being the best in one or all aspects of life. 

Healing Powers: Your healing powers include your capability to stand alone yet powerful in a room of winners. Your firm belief in your goals and plans is helpful in rebuilding your self-esteem. You do this by facing new challenges and concentrating on the experience gained rather than the results. Directing your energy to take leadership positions and helping others win will ease your competitive effort. 

Chiron in Taurus (or the 2nd House) 

Pain: Governed by Venus, Taurus is the sign of wealth. If your natal Chiron is here, then it's likely that you'll face financial issues and materialistic problems. The crisis is followed by the resistance to change, blindly trusting and following the success maps of others. 

Healing powers: Make closure with the fact that you have enough, and the upward path to success is through persistent work but not constant burnouts. Your healing powers also include making practical future and strategic plans and carving out the beauty in your environment. 


Chiron in Gemini (or the 3rd House) 

Pain: When Chiron's position is in Gemini, it usually means the person faced issues with communication in their past life. This may make the otherwise extrovert Gemini shy and nervous in social situations. 

Healing Powers: Gemini's quick wit and sense of humour come into play as worthy tools for socializing and communication. It also helps them and their company to open up and share their experiences. Polish your socializing skills by conversing with as many people as you can. 

Chiron in Cancer (or the 4th House) 

Pain: Comfort is the top priority for people born under this sign. They often find comfort in people. If Chiron is located under this House, then you may have serious issues with family and close relationships. To cope, you are often involved in emotional eating.

Healing Powers: Your nurturing nature is your heftiest superpower. You keep nurturing those around you and making safe shelter for them. Use your nurturing power to heal your past wounds for your own good. Create a safe and stable space for yourself before depending on others. 

Chiron in Leo (or the 5th House) 

Pain: In your past life, you may have been rejected, ridiculed, or ignored as an entertainer or a public speaker. The past wound has carried itself into your present and sparked a desperate need for validation. What follows is dramatic reactions and presenting a fake version of yourself to society to feel respected and seen. 

Healing Powers: Your charisma and the ability to influence others are terrific. Turn it into your healing power and treat your wounds. Abort the fear of being judged. Rather, embrace your true self and claim your spot. 


Chiron in Virgo (or the 6th House) 

Pain: If Chiron lies in the 6th House, it makes the perfectionism-obsessed Virgo struggle more with hyper-focusing on the most minute details, overthinking about what others are thinking of them, and excessive people pleasing while judging them secretively. 

Healing Powers: Your power lies in giving the best to the world while choosing "consistency over perfectionism". Listening without judgment is a continuous learning process. You should remember that people feel refreshed and light after sharing their problems with you. 

Chiron in Libra (or the 7th House) 

Pain: Libras are those romantics of the zodiac who love to be in love. Hence, they are always moving from one partner to another. With Chiron in Libra, they are certainly having relationship problems and a lack of stability.

Healing Powers: Put yourself first. Before getting into another relationship, create a bond with yourself that will surpass any other love. Use your patience, peaceful demeanour, and critical thinking to get into lasting romantic relationships.

Chiron in Scorpio (or the 8th House) 

Pain: You foster a deep desire to establish your dominance through risky actions or sex. However, you have deep-rooted trusting issues and fear concerning intimacy. Your relationships are marred by jealousy and the urge to dominate. 

Healing Powers: You are gifted with a go-getter attitude. Use this superpower to heal yourself from your past-life issues. Disengage your senses from the superficial and survey what's beneath the surface. Empower your sensual side to recognize yourself. 

Chiron in Sagittarius (or the 9th House) 

Pain: With Chiron in Sagittarius, the adventurers of the zodiac can think of their life as if it's stuck in a loop of disasters. This may breed a pessimistic mindset. The person will be scared of taking risks and give up all hopes on their higher purpose. 

Healing Powers: Your healing power allows you to make a leap of faith. It takes your pessimistic glasses off and helps you witness the world with an optimistic approach. It will help you rekindle your love for adventure and take you out of the spiral of doom. 

Chiron in Capricorn (or the 10th House) 

Pain: Being ambitious is a commendable quality, but being obsessed with your ambition to the level where it makes you feel unworthy is problematic. The same problem is the hidden wound of those with Chiron in the 10th House. You deal with your lingering pain of "unworthiness" by finding escape in business or career. 

Healing Powers: Let's accept that you are already more dedicated to work than the rest. Gaining self-confidence from hitting milestones is genius. Yet, your healing journey urgently demands you to be conscious and receptive to your capabilities in the place of seeking external assurance. 


Chiron in Aquarius (or the 11th House) 

Pain: Aquarians are rebels. You dislike being like the others or a fraction of the crowd. Yet, you crave the world to accept them. Your uniqueness makes it difficult for you to find your tribe. Naturally, the feeling of social rejection grasps your peace. 

Healing Powers: Originality is your strength. Your thoughts and ideas are different from the mainstream population. As a result, you appear interesting to the crowd. Your healing journey begins when you make terms with the fact that people may not share the same ideas as yours, and yet they can be your companions. 

Chiron in Pisces (or the 12th House)

Pain: Pisces is the zodiac of spirituality. If your Chiron placement lies in the 12th or final House, your past-life issues may involve escapism and disillusionment. You are also hypersensitive to the degree that makes you struggle with drawing boundaries. 

Healing Powers: Transform the wounds rendered upon you into your superpower by reimagining your imaginative brain as the powerhouse of creativity. Use your empathy to heal the world but firstly, to heal yourself. Be sensitive to your own needs as well. And yes, maintain boundaries but keep your kindness alive. 

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