Diwali 2019: Follow these safety rules to prevent any disasters this Diwali

Diwali is a fun festival of lights and love but one small error can turn it into a disaster and we can prevent that by taking some precautionary measures.
Diwali 2019: Follow these safety rules to prevent any disasters this DiwaliDiwali 2019: Follow these safety rules to prevent any disasters this Diwali
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Diwali is a festival that is celebrated with a lot of pomp and it's one of the most iconic and dazzling festivals in India. It is also called the festival of lights. It is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and splendour. It's the festival when families come together and celebrate with a lot of lights and colours and other such things. One important thing during this festival is bursting crackers. Along with new clothes and sweets and all the beautiful lights most people love bursting crackers. But it's essential to remain safe during this festival. We take precautionary measures to protect our kids while they burst crackers but we tend to forget that we also need to stay safe. A number of Diwali disaster cases come in light post-Diwali because most of us believe that it's no big deal. We ignore the importance of taking all the extra precautionary measures. This year prevent disaster by taking precautionary measures to keep your home and family safe. Here are some safety tips we all need for a safe Diwali.

1. After you buy crackers, keep them away from kids in a safe place. Ensure that you keep it away from any sort of flammable things in a safe and dry place.

2. When bursting crackers, keep them away from your face and hair as well as your clothes. Even though we buy and wear new clothes on Diwali, try to stay safe by wearing a safe fabric like cotton or khadi when you play with crackers. Avoid wearing anything synthetic.

3. Don't throw away the firecrackers immediately after they burn out. Defuse them properly before throwing it away. Soak them in water or sprinkle some water on them before you throw them away. You can also use sand instead of water.

4. Don't burst any cracker in a closed area. You can burst firecrackers in an open area which is not crowded.

5. Be careful when you light candles and diyas. Keep them away from any crackers, curtains or any piece of clothing, gas stove and any other flammable material.

6. Be careful of the stray animals. Ensure that they're all in a safe place and are not harassed by any people or children. they may be scared of crackers and running helter-skelter so be very careful and try to do your best to keep your pet and the strays around you safe.

7. Don't leave any windows or doors open when you step out of the house during this time. You never know when a firecracker may land up inside your home and burn it down.

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