Diwali 2019: Say no to bursting crackers and celebrate Diwali in THESE fun ways

Diwali- the festival of lights is here and when it comes to Diwali, bursting crackers is something that comes with it. Crackers not only harm the environment but also harm animals around us. Read below to find out how you can celebrate Diwali without bursting crackers this year.
Diwali 2019: Say no to bursting crackers and celebrate Diwali in THESE fun ways Diwali 2019: Say no to bursting crackers and celebrate Diwali in THESE fun ways
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Diwali the festival of lights, and the festival of celebrating joy with your loved ones is just a few days away. Usually, when it comes to Diwali, all of us love to look our best by donning our favourite Indian attire and jhumkas. Playing cards while munching on some farsan is mandatory in Diwali. But one more thing that comes with Diwali is noise and air pollution. Bursting crackers does no good for the environment and also affects our little animals. Delhi had banned the bursting of crackers in 2017.


We know that firecrackers and Diwali have always been synonymous with each other, especially for children. But it is time we change that not for our kids but everyone around us. It's imperative to understand that firecrackers are not only harmful to us, but it's also harmful to the ones who make them. Hence, read below to find out how you can celebrate Diwali in a wholesome way without bursting crackers.


Prepare some lip-smacking food:


Festivals in India are marked by some quintessential dishes prepared as part of the celebrations. So this Diwali, make cooking a fun group activity and cook all your favourite dishes with your friends and family. You could also make extra and give away to your house help's children, or orphanages.


Add more lights:


Diwali is all about lighting lamps and decorating your house with lanterns and fairy lights. Call your friends over and make pretty paper sky lanterns, which you can then release into the night sky. 


Become the gaming champion:


What's Diwali without a healthy competitive card party? So we are saying, host a party with innovative card games – you don't have to stick to teen Patti or poker. Make your games and own rules, instead of playing the same old Bluff or Flash. 


Channel your inner star:


Diwali is not just about lighting your house and eating your favourite snacks, it's also about looking your best by donning your new Indian attires. And if you are planning to go for Diwali shopping now, then do buy some new clothes for those who can't afford it.


Plan a family event:


Haven't met your cousins for a while? Then how about planning a grand family get together this Diwali? Instead of bursting crackers, call your family members and nibble on your favourite snacks. Festivals like Diwali are among those very few occasions where members of the family will actually leave their work commitments behind and come together to involve themselves in merrymaking. 


Be more creative with Rangoli:


Rangoli is another important aspect of Diwali that is fun to do. Get creative and play with colours and flowers and create your unique design. You can even challenge someone for a rangoli designing competition. 

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