Dhanteras 2019: What is Dhanteras? Here are things that you should buy on this auspicious day

Dhanteras 2019: Dhanteras which falls two days before Diwali is known as an auspicious day to buy something new. Read below to find out what is Dhanteras and what all you can buy on this auspicious day.
Dhanteras 2019: What is Dhanteras? Here are things that you should buy on this auspicious dayDhanteras 2019: What is Dhanteras? Here are things that you should buy on this auspicious day
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Diwali is also synonymous to the season of great deals, discounts and shopping. Be it a traditional attire or a mobile phone, everyone shops for something or the other. People love buying things for their loved ones, and this occasion of lights is much more than eating sweets and bursting crackers. Most of us wait for the Diwali season to begin so that we can invest in gold, electronics or a new property. We not only purchase things because of discounts, but we also purchase it because it's considered auspicious. Before Diwali comes Dhanteras. And today on this auspicious ocassion of Dhanteras here are some things that you should consider buying.

Celebrated two days before Diwali, Dhanteras marks the arrival of Goddess of wealth ie. Goddess Lakshmi. She is, therefore, worshipped for bringing wealth, health, prosperity and well-being into our homes.


Why is Dhanteras celebrated?



Multiple stories have led to the observation of this festival. It's said that on this day, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean of milk with a pot of gold while the sea was being churned. She came out along with lord Kuber. Hence, both these deities are worshipped on the festival of Dhanteras. And the second story marks the birth of Goddess Dhanvantari, who is known as the physician of all the gods and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She appeared out of an ocean with Ayurveda for the well-being of all mankind.  


What to buy on Dhanteras?


Since this auspicious occasion marks the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi and other gods of wealth, it's said that investing in something valuable will attract these divine entities and bring good luck and success into our lives. You can consider buying the below-mentioned things. 


Gold ornaments:


Dhanteras remains the most auspicious day of the year to buy gold jewellery or invest in a gold loan. It is also one of the most powerful ways to satisfy Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and purity as she is always embellished with gold ornaments.


Silver goods:


If you are planning to invest in something a bit inexpensive, then investing in silver is a viable option. Products, idols or jewellery made of silver are also believed to protect us from bad omen and ensure a regular flow of wealth.


Gold/silver coins:


If you check out any picture of Goddess Lakshmi, you'll see her showering gold coins in the picture. Hence, these gold coins not only stand for wealth or money, but prosperity in all directions and are recommended to be bought on Dhanteras. 




Purchasing kitchen utensils on Dhanteras is considered to be beneficial for the well-being of the family. You must fill it with water before bringing it home as water itself, is treated as a lucky charm and believed to bring wealth and prosperity. 

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