DJ who holds medical degree volunteers as medic amid lockdown

Mumbai based Disc Jockey Sanjay Mariya, who has a medical degree, is helping medical workers amid pandemic.
Coronavirus,Lockdown,sanjay meriya DJ who holds medical degree volunteers as medic amid lockdown
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We cannot thank and say enough for the front line warriors who are fighting against COVID-19. Army of doctors and healthcare professionals are working round the clock to save people from the deadly microscopic villain. To ease the burden on doctors and nurses, several celebs and others who have medical degrees but pursued something else in life are wearing their scrubs again and turning as medical volunteers in times of crisis. Today we are sharing one more similar story. We recently learned that a Mumbai based Disc Jockey is now lending his hand to medical workers amid pandemic and has signed up as a volunteer for at least three months.

The DJ  Sanjay Meriya aka ‘The Spindoctor’ is now working as a medical volunteer last month after he spotted a newspaper ad asking for help. He decided to set aside his DJ console and dusted off his scrubs and the medical degree to help out. As per Hindustan Times' report, in an interview with news agency, he said," I am very patriotic. I can battle this way [as a doctor]." 



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He has been visiting a slum that is in one of Mumbai’s worst-hit areas. He wears a protective suit and gloves and instructs residents about the precautions they should take to stay clear from the infection. Mumbai has more than 32,000, making it the worst-hit city. There is short of beds and health officials are overworked and during such times, volunteers like Meriya are a boon and beacon of hope and care.  

He started off DJing as a hobby at around the age of 20, while studying for his medical degree, however, much to his family's dismay he later turned it into his profession. He revealed how his parents used to hate the fact he is a Dj and how they still hate it. However, now, his family is thrilled to see him back as a doctor. He revealed," They now have a lot to share with all our relatives if you know what I mean when it comes to Indian families."



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