Do periods make you put on? THESE are the reasons why you tend to gain weight

Periods can have a major impact on our eating habits and weight. It can disrupt our fitness regime and healthy eating habits and cause weight gain; Read on

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We girls hate periods for good reason. All the blood and bloodshed and mood swings that come along with it can be hard on us. But sore breasts and mood swings aren’t the only thing that they bring. Gas and bloating and weight gain are also a gift that our periods give us. Periods are a low time for most of us. It’s dark and grim and the constant need for comfort food and cuddles take a toll on our mind and body. But it’s not unusual to gain a little bit of weight during our periods. Periods weight gain is normal and your weight will go back to normal once your periods are over. As annoying as it is, we just have to put up with it. Here are a few things that cause this weight gain.

1. During our periods the reproductive hormones are elevated. The level of estrogen and progesterone are high and this causes water retention. All that water weight is the reason behind the difference you see on the scale.

2. It’s normal to feel bloated and gassy during your periods. This is because the gas in your gastrointestinal tract rises. The cramps also make you feel slightly stuffy and fat. This makes it seem like you have gained weight or rather inches when you actually haven’t. it is temporary.

3. We feel fatigued and lethargic during our periods and tend to skip out of our regular workout or gym or fitness regime. This can disrupt our routine and cause slight weight gain. But it does go back to normal once your periods are over and you go back to your regular routine.

4. Due to the hormonal changes in our body, we tend to crave for comfort food and sometimes even junk food. It’s not unusual to overeat during our periods and due to our eating habits, we end up gaining a few kilos. This weight and fat can be burnt easily post our periods.

5. It’s not unusual to feel constipated during periods. Periods slow down the rate of digestion and cause constipation which makes us feel fat and cause a slight change in our weight. This change is very minor and temporary.

6. Periods cause a drop in magnesium in our body which is the cause of all our sweet cravings. The drop in magnesium levels makes us feel dehydrated and our body mistakes our thirst for hunger. The increased sweet intake is another cause of weight gain during periods.

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