Do you always turn to emotional eating? Here’s how you can curb it

Once you start eating to soothe your emotions it’s nearly impossible to break the cycle. It’s important to curb this habit before it does too much damage; Read on
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We all love food and once in a while, we do allow ourselves to enjoy a few guilty pleasures here and there. Food can satisfy us in ways nothing else can. It can soothe our stomach and our soul. It’s easy to eat when we have nothing better to do. If you’re bored, food can curb boredom. Especially if it’s junk food. Food is very comforting and it’s easy to get into the wrong eating habits. Stress eating or emotional eating is a habit that gets your body in trouble. It can harm your mental and physical health. It’s not difficult to get into this bad habit. Many of us eat our emotions because dealing with them is much difficult. We share a rocky relationship with food. But that does not mean that you should let your eating habits damage your health. It’s essential that you curb your eating habits in order to live a healthy life but curbing emotional eating is not easy. Here are some tips to curb emotional eating before you overeat.

1. Don’t try to run away from emotions. Emotional eating is like an outlet for emotions. It’s easy to soothe yourself or numb or even distract yourself from what you feel even if it’s momentary. Try to avoid that. Just let your emotions in and just feel the emotions.

2. Keep a diary and note down everything you eat when you’re emotional. Keep a track of your emotional eating patterns and note where you cross the line. Check yourself again and again.

3. Every time you think of grabbing that pack of chips ask yourself if you’re actually hungry. Don’t eat if you don’t actually feel hungry. Hold yourself back and focus on other things if you don’t feel hungry.

4. Get rid of all unhealthy snacks and junk food from your house. Throw it away so at least when you do eat, you’ll eat healthy.

5. Reduce stress in your life. Look for coping mechanisms and try meditation or yoga.

6. Don’t beat yourself up for your eating habits. It will only increase the load on your mind and stress you out. Try to love yourself the way you are.

7. Most people eat to feel something else but when you get distracted while eating you don’t enjoy the pleasures of food and this makes you want to eat more. Try not to get distracted while eating and focus on your food and enjoy it. This may stop you from overeating.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement