Do you bite your nails every time you’re stressed or anxious? Here’s how to stop it

If you’re a nail biter, you may know how hard it is to quit. Do you feel the need to bite your nails every time you are stressed or anxious? Well, here’s how to get rid of this habit.
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The habit of nail biting typically begins in childhood and can stick to you through adulthood. Scientists aren’t sure if genetics play a role here, but kids whose parents are nail biters are more likely to bite nails too. People who are nervous or stressed are often seen biting their nails. Therefore, at times it is easy to tell if someone is stressed. You may find yourself biting nails when you’re bored, hungry or insecure. It happens automatically without any thinking. 

This bad habit can not only damage your nails but also make you prone to infection as the bacteria and viruses can pass from your nails to your mouth and face. Repeated nail biting can make the skin around your nails sore and damage the tissues that make the nail grow. 

Why Is It Bad To Bite Your Nails?

 - Abnormal Nail Growth – It can damage the tissues that make the nail grow and they may stop growing the way they used to. 

Nail Growth

 - Spoils Your Smile – Biting your nails can chip, crack or break your teeth. Overtime nail biting can cause jaw problems. 


 - Makes You Sick –When you bite your nails, the bacteria from the nails gets transferred to your mouth and face. This can lead to several infections. 


How To Stop Biting Your Nails?

Follow these tips to stop biting your nails:

  • Keep Your Nails Short

Keeping your nails short is one of the best ways to avoid biting your nails. When your nails are trimmed, you have nothing to chew on. This is the easiest way to get rid of your habit. 

Short Nails

  • Identify The Triggers

Know what triggers you to bite your nails. Is it because you’re bored? Do you bite your nails when anxious or stressed? Or is it because you’re hungry? Find out. Once you know what causes you to bite your nails, you can try other ways to cope up with it. 

  • Keep Them Busy

Keep your hands busy. Fiddle with other objects like a stress ball, a pen to click or a worry stone. You can also chew gum so your mouth has a job and keeps itself busy.

Stress Ball

  • Use Gloves or Nail Stickers

This is another way to avoid biting your nails. Wear gloves or nail stickers. Well, it may sound silly but it actually helps. 

  • Get Manicures

Splurge on manicures. This will not only give you good looking nails but also a reason to keep them that way. You will be less likely to bite your nails, as you don’t want to ruin the manicure. 


  • Try The Gradual Approach

Many doctors recommend this method, as it is not easy for many people to stop biting all their nails at once. Stop biting one fingernail at a time and then extend it to the other, one by one, until you stop biting them all gradually. This can help you break the habit. 

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