Do you crave for late night snacks? Here’s how you can curb this habit

1 year ago  |  1.2M

It’s not a big deal to be up at the witching hour and crave for an unhealthy snack. If you’re one of those who wake up and dig through your refrigerator for something to satisfy your hunger then you know that this is an extremely unhealthy habit. Chances are that you’re chomping on some unhealthy snack and binge eating and binge-watching in the middle of the night. This habit tends to disrupt your eating cycle and throws you into the deep end of unhealthy eating habits. This puts you at the risk of developing several other diseases and cause havoc in your body. It’s essential to curb this habit during the early days. Even if you’ve been indulging in this unhealthy eating habit in the middle of the night it’s okay to work on it now before it’s too late to do anything about it. Here are some tip and tricks that can help you manage this habit.

1. Set a routine. Don’t stay up for too long after having your dinner. If you have your dinner at 7 pm or 8 pm and sleep at midnight or 1 am, chances are that you will end up feeling hungry. Avoid staying up till too late after having your dinner.

2. Check yourself before you open that packet of crackers! Ask yourself if you are actually feeling hungry or bored. A lot of people eat out of boredom. It’s not uncommon. So, if you’re eating only because you’re bored try to keep yourself engaged instead of chomping on food.

3. Try to replace your cravings with something more filling like maybe a big glass of juice. A glass of juice is healthy and it does not harm your body.

4. If you usually wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry, chances are that your body is not getting enough proteins. Include more proteins in your diet and ensure that you don’t restrict yourself too much during the day. Ensure that your body gets enough food during the day.

5. Reduce the stress and anxiety in your life. People tend to binge eat more when they’re stressed. Lower your stress levels in order to reduce your midnight binge eating habits.