Do you fall sick during monsoon? Here’s the healthy food you need for the rains

1 year ago  |  2M

Monsoon is the time of germs! It’s the time when germs rejoice and rapidly grow and multiply, all thanks to the moisture and water. We love the smell of wet mud and the sound of raindrops but we don’t love the bacterial infections and sickness that comes along with it. Bacteria and germs have a gala time this season and we don’t. Cough and cold, diarrhea and other such infections are a common problem during this season. The beautiful sight and pleasant weather is also the reason why you keep falling sick. It’s important to eat right during this season and maintain good immunity so that our body can fight off the infections. Some of the healthy food that you eat like the leafy vegetables may not be the right healthy food for the monsoon. Here are some healthy and safe foods to consume during this season to stay fit.

1. Karela may be bitter but it has a high nutritional value. It contains vitamin C which boosts immunity and it has antiviral properties which help you stay healthy and fit.

2. Garlic may make your mouth stink but it’s better than falling sick. It is rich in antioxidants and boosts metabolism and immunity. It ensures that your body is fit to fight any bacteria and infections.

3. Ginger, as we all know, has medicinal qualities. It is known to boost your metabolism and ease your digestive system. It also has immunity-boosting properties. It helps you stay warm and healthy.

4. Turmeric is also known to be of medicinal value. It is a great antibiotic and antiseptic herb. It also boosts your immunity and helps you heal. A glass of haldi wala doodh can do wonders for your health and skin.

5. Pomegranate may be tough to cut and remove but they are worth the effort. They contain vitamins and minerals that boost immunity and your digestive system. This helps your body fight off any infections and illness.

6. Sprouts are packed with proteins and vitamins. They boost your immunity and help your body combat any infections or bacteria.