Do you feel sad even when everything around you is going great? THIS could be the reason

A lot of people feel sad or depressed even when everything around them is going great. THIS could be the reason behind you feeling so low.
Do you feel sad even when everything around you is going great? THIS could be the reason Do you feel sad even when everything around you is going great? THIS could be the reason
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Although being sad makes you feel low does not make you feel good, it is okay to be sad from time to time. Every human experience a range of emotions and sadness is one of them. Sometimes we just feel low and blah for no apparent reason which makes us only thing what is wrong with us. I cannot talk about what everyone feels, but sometimes when everything is going right, there’s just this feeling of emptiness that just takes over. Do you feel the same?

Apparently, the good news is that there are hidden reasons for you feeling that way and there are also steps to cope with it. It is safe to say that you must also be feeling that way, now that you have clicked on the article. Don’t worry, even if you feeling sad ‘just like that’, here’s what is happening:


Some of the most common reasons for such unexplained sadness are:

Lack of excitement

Is it that your job does not excite you anymore? If you have a monotonous life, it could be the reason behind your boredom and feeling of emptiness. Having nothing to look forward to and losing the excitement to do your job can make you feel sad in spite of everything going alright. So if this is the reason behind you feeling sad, it’s time to learn something new and take on a new challenge.

Feeling of unfulfillment

No matter how good of a family, house, job or even a partner you have, you are always feeling unsatisfied. This is because you have envisioned living your life with a certain standard and nothing below that seems to satisfy you. Your career could be the best but must be something you did not want in the first place. Whenever someone fails to meet their own standards, they tend to feel low and sad. 


In spite of having a great and loving family, we often feel lonely because we are not connected to them. The sentence ‘In a crowd but feeling alone’ does make sense during these times because of the lack of personal connections. This leads to an intense feeling of loneliness, longing and pain.

Lack of control

A lot of the times you get tired of doing the right things and everything that people expect you to do. Losing your control over your decisions can make you feel like a puppet. A life when somebody else decides to do everything for you can be frustrating making you feel sad and depressed. 


Sometimes when everything is alright, our brain finds a reason to feel sad. If everything is going alright and if you are still expecting someone to do something or something big to happen, it can make you feel frustrated because you are definitely overthinking. Some people just have this habit of overanalyzing everything which just ends in messing things up. Learn to focus on the life you have and try getting involved in it.

Lack of Sunlight

Well, this may sound stupid and horrible but lack of sunlight can make you feel depressed which is why a lot of people get sad during winter months. This is still a medical mystery but we do have a name for this and it ironically called - SAD i.e Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

Do you feel the same way sometimes? Do share your experiences in the comments section below.

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