Do you have a messy cupboard? Here are 6 ways to organize your wardrobe

We often make a mess of our clothes and end up damaging our beloved clothes. We invest in our outfits but we fail to invest some time to keep our clothes organized and sorted in our wardrobes.
Do you have a messy cupboard? Here are 6 ways to organize your wardrobe
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Organizing your closet can seem like a huge task and every time you go digging into your wardrobe to find something, it always ends in a mess and cleaning up is no fun. We all need easy ways to keep our clothes organized so that it's easier to look for thing and we don't destroy our closets while we do it. We spend so much money and time and energy into our clothes. We pick the best that we can to wear but we often fail to store it with care. We do our best to look great and we also need to do our best to keep our clothes and accessories properly organized.


Here are some hacks to organize your closet.

1. Sort your clothes in different categories. Put shirts separate and pants separate and your dresses and all other clothes in their respective categories. Putting them in categories will make it easier for you because you'll know where to look.

2. All the clothes that are more prone to wrinkles and creases should be kept separate. Put them in a hanger instead of folding them. It's not possible to iron your clothes every time you want to wear them. Putting them in a hanger will help you prevent wrinkles and crease and save you a lot of time.

3. Keep your undergarments in a separate drawer. A dedicated drawer helps you keep them separate and easier to pick when you want. Fold your underwear and put it in one drawer or you can roll it and keep it. Keep a separate drawer for your bras because they cannot be folded. Keep them as they are and let them take some extra space if they do.

4. Hang your belts and scarves on hooks instead of taking up extra space in your cupboard. Get a set of hooks and put it up on the inside of your wardrobe door and hand your belts and scarves there.

5. The clothes that you need for your everyday look need to be more easily accessible for you, so keep them on an eye level and easy to pick. This way you won't have to bend down or stretch up to pick your daily looks.

6. If you find it difficult to fold your clothes, store them or if you end up making a mess in your cupboard, use paperback to store your clothes. Keep your clothes stored in different bags as per categories and mark them so it becomes easier to look for what you want. Keep your skirts in a different bag and your pants in a different one and your tees in a different one and so on. 

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