Do you have a sister? Here’s the kind of sister you have as per her zodiac sign

Every sister is different depending on her zodiac sign even though your relationship is different from every other sibling relationship.

Updated on Aug 11, 2019 12:54 PM IST  |  3.3M
Raksha Bandhan 2019: Here’s the kind of sister you have as per her zodiac sign
Raksha Bandhan 2019: Here’s the kind of sister you have as per her zodiac sign
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Every set of siblings share a different kind of relationship with each other. No siblings are alike. But there is one thing that is alike, they always share a bond where they fight but they also love each other. They have a love-hate relationship. One moment they are ready to strangle each other and the very next moment they are caring and loving and we’re all familiar with sibling rivalry. But did you know that your relationship with your sibling could differ depending on the zodiac signs? Every sister is different and if you have a sister, elder or younger, you need to read this. Here’s a list of what kind of sister every zodiac sign is.

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It doesn’t matter if she’s elder or younger an Aries sister is always very bossy. She just enjoys bossing you around all the time and take full advantage of it.



She is very realistic and practical in life. She won’t be your partner in crime when you’re planning to do something crazy. She’ll be the one telling you to not do something stupid until the last minute.



They’re crazy! Gemini sister has a double personality and you would know because one minute she will go crazy mama on you and the very next minute she will be like a calm composed saint.



These women are just too caring for their own good. If your sister is cancer, she cares too much about you and she’s very sensitive and loving.



They love the limelight and they’re born leaders. Your sister just walks into the room and steals the attention from you. She just can’t help it but all eyes are on her! She’s the life of a party.



They’re very righteous and truthful. So, they will tell you. They won’t be protecting you. They’ll be more than happy to throw you under the bus if you’re doing something wrong.



They’re loving and mature. They won’t be pulling your hair and fighting with you. They’ll simply let you win and be the bigger person every time.



She’s the kind of sister who is going to be attached at the hip with you. She loves you and just wants to always hang out together and the best part is that she’s fun to hang out with. But if someone ever hurts you, she will burn the earth down if she has to, to find that person and punish them. She is truly overprotective.



She’s very adventurous and she always gets into troubles. You probably don’t have to ever worry about getting into trouble because she always goes a notch higher but you can’t help but admire her.



She’s very annoying. She irritates you and drives you up to the walls. She is very controlling and always keeps telling you what to do.



She’s very honest and upfront. She stands by you when you need her and she is the one person in your life you can expect brutal honesty from. She always loves helping you out in your time of need.



She will save you from trouble and clean up after you. She will protect you from your parents and she knows how to keep a secret.

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