Do you judge people too quickly? Here are 4 tips to avoid being judgmental

Are you too judgmental? Here is how you can avoid your habit and start being compassionate.
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It is easy to sit and judge people. Well, it is human nature. All of us have been judgmental at some point in our lives. Some people make this a habit and tend to do it very often. It is not good to look down on others and consider ourselves better. Sometimes, we pass judgments without even knowing the person. These judgments turn out to be false majority of times when you actually start knowing the person. We judge, without understanding or knowing the person’s situation.

Here are 4 ways to avoid being judgmental.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoe

Consider how you would like others to see you. Would you like it if others judged you in the same way you do to other people around you? Nobody wants to be judged in the wrong way. You always want people to know the true you, don’t you? Everyone is aiming for a good reputation. So, don’t judge and assume.

Judging people around you

Positive Judging

Indulge yourself in positive judging and constructive criticism. For instance, you can decide who you want to be friends with. You can cut off people if you don’t like their company. You can judge what’s best for you. It is for you to judge which grocery store, school and workplace etc is best for you. This is positive judging. Unnecessary judging is negative.

Understand & Accept

Before judging the person, judge the situation. Know the person’s background. Once you’ve understood the situation, try and accept it. Accept the person the way he is. Remember, everyone is different and everyone has the right to be who they are.


Focus on your life

Learn to mind your own business and avoid all the negativity around you. Cut the gossip and eliminate insecurity. If you focus on your work, you won’t have too much time to judge others. It is said that people judge when their own life is in chaos. So, eliminate all the negativity and think positive.

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