Do you tend to overeat? Here’s how you can avoid it

1 year ago  |  1.2M

It’s very easy to overeat. Sometimes when you eat your favorite food you don’t realize how much you’ve consumed. You indulge yourself in some delicious delicacy and when you finish eating you realize that you may have eaten a tad bit too much for your stomach. Overeating can cause chaos in your body and your digestive system. It can make you feel bloated or cause digestive problems. It can also cause acidity or gas. These problems can make your daily life very difficult. It is essential that you manage your diet to keep your body and digestive system healthy but if overeating is an everyday problem for you it could lead to bigger problems. Here are some things you can do to avoid overeating.

1. Focus on your food when you eat. Make sure that you are not distracted or in a rush to get somewhere. Because when you are not focused on your food you may end up eating much more than your body actually needs. Avoid using your phone or working while you eat. Engage in mindful eating.

2. Eat slow. Don’t eat in a rush. Take out a little time and sit down to eat your meals. It takes your body about 20 minutes to know when it is full. So, when you eat your food in a hurry you end up overeating by the time you feel full.

3. Don’t skip a meal. When you skip a meal, you increase your chances of overeating when you eat next. You are hungrier when you skip a meal and end up gobbling more food when you eat.

4. Keep yourself hydrated because your body tends to mistake thirst for hunger and you end up eating when your body does not actually need it.

5. Eat more proteins. When you increase your protein intake you end up feeling full throughout the day. This prevents you from eating when you don’t need it.

6. Reduce stress in your life. High-stress levels could make you want to resort to stress eating and stress eating increases your chances of overeating ten-folds.